Friday, January 30, 2009

90's Flashback

Do you remember several years ago when boy bands were all the rage? Well, I do. I also remember that we still a lot of had cassette tapes back then as CDs hadn't yet taken over the world. Back in the olden days we were big into Boyzone. They're an Irish band and we thought they were all that and a bag of chips. We picked out who we liked best and kept all of the "tapes" of each of their albums in a safe place. I have no idea why we only had their tapes and not the CDs. I guess it was just fate (you'll see why).

Around that time we starting moving around a lot. Putting everything into boxes was such tedious work (and we would do it so often), that in order to take the edge off we would turn it into a bit of a party. When I say "we" I mean my sister Meury, Larissa (her friend and exchange student), Gabs (my sister's friend), and myself.

We were pretty ridiculous back then - if I'm not mistaken we wore dark lip liner with light lipstick (yuck!). So, in order to make moving around all the time a little funner, we would crank up the music as loud as we could, have plenty of snacks and go to town packing for hours, and hours and hours. Then after the packing there was cleaning. OMG the cleaning!

Fukui-san and I had brought back a CD/tape player from our travels when we came back to the land of sugar cane and poverty, but our CD player broke early on and because this technology was not readily available yet, it was too expensive to fix. Instead we would listen to our cassette tapes. All we had was Boyzone and some other 90's disasters, so Boyzone it was. We would sing and sing for hours. Good times!

I think we must have moved 5 or 6 times, and every time we would break out the cassette tapes and player and listen to Boyzone. We never ended up getting that thing fixed because we got a DVD player and that plays music CDs as well so there was never any need. Eventually it became a "thing" with us and we never play any other music while we're packing, we only listen to Boyzone. We're really grateful to them as they turned a truly uncomfortable situation into a pleasant event.

I leave you with a clip of a very cool song from the soundtrack of the first Mr. Bean movie, and wish you a fantastic weekend! Cheers!


M.D. said...

Top 5 Boyzone Songs

5. Isn't it a Wonder
4. Picture of you
3. That's how Love Goes
2. In the Arms of Mary (YARP!)
1. Love me for a Reason

Flower Power said...

Top 5 (no particular order)

1. Baby Can I Hold You
2. That's How Love Goes
3. Picture of You
4. One Kiss At a Time
5. Love Me For a Reason