Thursday, January 22, 2009

Movie Review: Euro Trip

As far as super stupid time waster teen flicks go, this one's a keeper. For the most part you have relatively new actors who come together perfectly to add balance to their "team". Then you have the guest stars that show up randomly throughout the movie and deliver a memorable - while ridiculous - performance.

At the very beginning of the movie the main character (Scotty) finds out that his girlfriend gets around, a lot. She breaks up with him in time for him to show up at a party where one of her boyfriends (Matt Damon), sings a song he dedicated to her called "Scotty Doesn't Know". The song goes on to relate in detail where and how they "did it" while she was still together with Scotty. It's priceless. Not only is it a super catchy, clever song, but Matt Damon really lays it on thick. You can tell he had a great time doing it and it's great to watch.

There are numerous fantastic scenes in the movie, but one that stands out is the "Mi scusi" part. Ugly guy (SNL) is hilarious in it. I won't tell you any more, I'll let you see it. But I will tell you this, if you say "scusi" to someone in a really Italian accent, most of the time they'll know where it's from and say it right back at you.

This movie has earned its cult status right along with the first American Pie movie. All other movies have tried but fail miserably by comparison. Most of the time in trying to outdo the other one they get really gross and unnecessarily vulgar. This movie has all the right amount of gross and vulgar, thank you very much.

I will have to warn you though, there is a nude beach scene that is not for the faint hearted. They arrive at the nude beach only to find that it is overrun by ugly dudes and it's not pretty. Beware. Aside from that, go and enjoy!

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someone said...

Yes, Eurotrip is a CLASSIC!! Priceless moments... including the gross nudist beach scene, hehehe.

One of my favorite scenes is 'Bratislavia'... specially where the waiter or whatever he is, slaps his boss after receiving a nickel as tip... :D