Friday, October 30, 2009

What's in my bag?

I'll tell you what's in mine:

1. Juicy Tubes Paris Moulin Rouge - the pink one
2. Clinique lip palette - lip and eye palette shown, but I just have 2 rows of lippies
3. Carmex lip balm cherry flavor
4. L'Occitane shea butter hand cream
5. MAC slimshine in Bare
6. Tweezerman petit tweezer with case - my case is pink
7. Shiseido sun protection powder foundation
8. Disposable mascara wand for my eyebrows
9. YSL blusher - mine is orangy pink number 22
10. Gold retractable brush from La Roche Posay (I guess it was a promotional thing - very nice)
11. Cargo lipgloss blister pack
12. MAC lipstick in Brave - it's matte and goes perfect with my Lancome Laque Fever Gloss
13. David Yurman perfume mini
14. Lancome Laque Fever Gloss - a very light pink with fairy sparkles

This is what I carry around with me on a regular basis. However, if I'm wearing a specific lipstick I make sure it's in there as well as a gloss if that's the case. I always have some form of painkiller such as Advil or Excedrin. If I'm going to be out for a long time and I don't feel my perfume is going to last that long I put in in my bag as well, but only if it's a small bottle, otherwise I look for a sample that's similar and carry it around instead. I just realized I don't have any face lotion in my bag. That's not right. I'll have to remedy that.

Poetry: He Bids His Beloved Be at Peace

William Butler Yeats

I hear the Shadowy Horses, their long manes a-shake,
Their hoofs heavy with tumult, their eyes glimmering white;
The North unfolds above them clinging, creeping night,
The East her hidden joy before the morning break,
The West weeps in pale dew and sighs passing away,
The South is pouring down roses of crimson fire:
O vanity of Sleep, Hope, Dream, endless Desire,
The Horses of Disaster plunge in the heavy clay:
Beloved, let your eyes half close, and your heart beat
Over my heart, and your hair fall over my breast,
Drowning love's lonely hour in deep twilight of rest,
And hiding their tossing manes and their tumultuous feet.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My first attempt at a Polyvore collage

I am so into Polyvore right now, it's loco! I called this set Purple Casual, but I'm not really sure. This is just a collection of things I thought would go well with the outfit (really just a tank and jeans) that Lena Headey is wearing. Her casual classiness was my inspiration. What do you think? This is my first attempt, so I'm sure I'll get better. Head over there and try it yourself, it's great fun!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Youtube Makeup: Pixiwoo

Do you ever watch makeup tutorials on Youtube? It relaxes me. I love watching many different videos like Michelle Phan (ricebunny, although the music on her videos is annoying and the voice over is a little meh), panacea81, MakeUpGeek. But love, love, love pixiwoo! They are my current new obsession. Fun, educational, outrageous, looks that are a joy to watch. They're skills are on a whole different level. They aren't just fans who love makeup, they're seriously talent makeup pros who do their thing for all of us to see on Youtube. I highly recommend subscribing to their channel and checking out all they have to show.

Here are a couple of links just to show you what I mean. This is a doable, great, fashion forward look that can be easily worn by anyone:

This is so you see what the pros are up to and the skill level they're at:

If you're like me you'll waste hours of you life going through all their hundreds of videos. But it's totally worth it!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chanel Noirs Obscurs Collection

The blogosphere is abuzz with talk of the new Chanel Noirs Obscurs Collection. I'm not sure we're going get it on this side of the world because of the seasons and all - this really is more of a winter collection - but the images are beautiful and the colors are amazing and while it's still cold, there may be things we can adapt and use.

Lovely. Just don't see when or where I would use the purple...

I'm loving Diabolic and Vendetta and I could work them like it's nobody's business. Forbidden leaves me a bit cold.

MAC Halloween Makeup

This is a super fun video from MAC for Halloween. Check it out:

Monday, October 19, 2009

Eyebrows: The Essentials

This is my handiwork. Like I said, I do eyebrows.

I do eyebrows. Yeah, that's a strange opening line but it's totally true. I'm good at many things, but one of the things I excel in is eyebrows. One of the reasons why I excel is because I don't try to make everyone look the same. The reason why some eyebrows are thicker and others thinner, different shapes and lengths, is because our faces are shaped differently. Eyebrows are there to shape and define the lines of our faces. If someone's eyes are closer together, you will generally find that their eyebrows start further in than someone whose eyes are spaced further apart. In that case you will see the eyebrows begin almost or at the bridge of the nose.

Victoria's eyebrows don't start right at the bridge of the nose, giving us the illusion that her eyes are further apart.

Some eyebrows go out more and others down (at the ends, that is). All these things make a big difference in the shape of the face. Well, not so much the shape as the way we view, and others view, our face. There is some flexibility here, naturally, but as a general rule, when shaping eyebrows, we are looking to clean, organize and correct. We're not looking to completely change.

That being said, there is nothing sadder than archless brows. So if you were unlucky enough to be born without a defined arch, you must make one. It's easier than you think, but you must restrain yourself so you don't get carried away. In the beginning you will most likely make mistakes, but that's what brow pencils are for. Unibrows are a strict no-no across the board. There are no exceptions to this rule and I will never change my mind on this. (I was watching a cooking show from Mexico and the guest on the show was this "female" with Frida brows - OMG! I didn't know people walked around like that. What is more, she looked perfectly comfortable with her hideous monobrow. Urgh! Gross! Gag!)

If you look like this you need help and maybe a weed wacker. But more importantly, do not walk out of the house like this! Get rid of your mustache and your unibrow immediately! This look is hideous and inexcusable. In a world where tweezers are literally a dime a dozen, there is no excuse for scaring little children, women and men alike, in this way.

One mistake many women make is the famous overpluck. This is yucky and I'll have none of it. We all bungle things up every now and then, but to overpluck as a habit is uncool and you should carefully and slowly put down the tweezers, and walk away. We don't want anyone to get hurt. Tweezer happy fools end up looking a bit idiotic and I can guarantee that at some point you will look back at old pictures and cringe. Best to give it up now before the gaps are too tough to repair/grow back. There is such a thing as irreparable damage, so be careful!

Many women tend to overpluck right after the eyebrow begins (go to a mirror, hold a pencil in a vertical line at the outer corner of the mouth at a 90 degree angle towards the eyebrow. Do you see that bit right there? Don't touch that. There's not need to go there unless your eyebrows are in a complete state of disrepair, but as a general rule that area should be left alone). Over tweezing there makes you tweeze the entire eyebrow too much and gives you that very surprised look, which is the thing we all most dread.

Here's an image I found somewhere, I don't know where or I would give them credit, which explains the "work zone" clearly. This is of course for the classic brow. There are other shapes that go back and forth depending on what's in fashion at the moment, but overall, you can't go wrong if you respect the natural shape of your eyebrows and follow the classic style.

The perfect classic eyebrow shape. There's no surprised look, holes or sharp edges. Bella!

When it comes to eyebrows, a good rule of thumb is: less is more. If you don't know what you're doing, you should seek professional help. But one thing you can do is just keep that area clean and free of random hairs, keep your unibrow in check, and leave the rest be until you find someone who can help you for real. Another thing I would advise is that you don't let your "friend" help you. Friends always mean well, but they can really mess things up. When I was 13 I let my friend Suzy shape my eyebrows and I looked like a crazy person. It looked like I had taken a razor and run it down my forehead. My eyebrows were super far apart and I looked like I belonged on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise alongside Spock and the rest. Don't let your friends help you. Do it yourself or get it done professionally (I recommend paying for it - it is your face after all).

One last thing, when I first started successfully doing my own eyebrows I would take a white makeup pencil and draw the eyebrow I wanted. I would then pluck around what was on the outside of the drawing, take makeup remover and clean it up, and voilá, masterpiece. It's much easier than trying to keep the shape in your "mind's eye".

Good luck!

Ginger Ale, Ginger Shmale

A while ago I wrote a Brazilian soft drink company and recommended they bring back Ginger Ale. I did a little research and found out that they sold it brieftly in 1985. I heart Ginger Ale and was hoping they would take my suggestion and understand that I represent a large number of people who would love to be able to drink it here and not have to wait until they travel to get their hands on some. In a country that sells apple soda, and some other vomit inducing concoction that's a cross between cola and mate (a type of dark tea they drink in Brazil and Argentina), bringing back a favorite like ginger ale seems like money in the bank to me.

This is the reply I received from them:

Olá Flor,
Agradecemos o seu contato, ele é muito importante para nós!
Recebemos seu e-mail com atenção e carinho.
As sugestões são sempre bem vindas, porém já contamos com profissionais da área comercial que desenvolvem idéias para cada vez mais satisfazer nosso consumidores. Portanto, caso queira nos enviar sua idéia somente a título de conhecimento, ficaremos felizes em recebe-lá, mas esclarecemos que a Companhia não assume qualquer compromisso, seja ele comercial ou autoral.
Contamos com a sua compreensão.
Mantenha sempre contato. Estamos a sua inteira disposição.

This is the translation (not literal, I'll pass on what they were really trying to say):

Hi Flor, Thanks for contacting us. We received your suggestion but promptly discarded it because we know what we're doing and you don't. We have professionals who sit around all day and think up wonderful new products and we don't need suggestions from peons who don't know their grape soda from their orange soda. Just in case you were getting any fancy ideas, if we do decide to take your suggestion, we hold all the copyrights so you're screwed, sit on this. (ugly hand gesture) Write us anytime! Blah blah

Would it have killed them to stop at "Thank you for contacting us"? I mean, in the first place they left me no hope whatsoever that they were actually going to bring back my beloved soda by completely crushing and annihilating my dreams. Like a child in the sand box after the bullies have walked through and stomped on all my toys, I was left metaphorically curled up in the fetal position, sucking on my thumb, and whimpering for my mommy.

And secondly, I can't imagine why they have to add a disclaimer telling me I had no rights over my suggestion. In one breath they say they don't take suggestion because they're awesome, and with their very next breath they say: but if we do we owe you squat. Très bizzare.

The one positive is that they answered in 24 hrs, which is more than I can say for Coca-Cola, who after maybe 3 months has yet to reply. At this point I'm thinking no news is good news.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Blogworthy Beauty Links

Yes, it's beautiful!

Here are some interesting beauty links for all you ladies out there:

Ever wonder what pros use and what tips can be easily applied to your everyday life? has a great slideshow with beautiful images and helpful pointers.

Contouring and highlighting are so important. The lightest hand, the most subtle application make a world of difference. BeautyBanter has a detailed post you will enjoy and learn from.

Do you have beauty products you cannot live without. MakeupBag shares some of hers here and here.

The PioneerWoman caved on a set of MAC makeup brushes. So did I! It wasn't this same set (see image above of my set), but is was a holiday set nontheless. I bought one for myself. I finally got my hands on the skunk brush which I've been druling over for ages. The whole set with 5 brushes cost the same as one brush sold separately, plus I got the most adorable necessaire to go with it. I had been waiting for it all year and I was rewarded for my patience.

The NonBlonde reviewed a perfume that is very near and dear to my heart, Le Jardin by Max Factor. She doesn't give it a whole lot of love, but her review is interesting.

These links should keep you busy for a while. BTW, yesterday was my 200th post! How cool is that?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Clear Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Something you should know about me, I love shampoo. I know it's either obvious or silly to say that, but it's true. I love the smell of freshly lathered hair and I'm crazy about the suds. Washing my hair is my happy place. I'm not even joking about that. When I'm stressed or pissed I usually lock myself in the bathroom and take a soul cleansing shower that renews my spirit.

I had been noticing that I was developing a bit of dandruff - and there is nothing less attractive than dandruff. Well, maybe there are things that are less attractive, but not many, and not by far. Since I dye my hair every month and my hair without dying is naturally a bit dry, finding the right treatment is tricky. They don't make anti-dandruff shampoo that is color safe or geared especially for women with special hair needs -- until now. Well, not now now, but, you know. After this particular shampoo had been out for some time I went ahead and bought some (with the matching conditioner) and my life will never be the same.

The whole experience is totally blog worthy. The scent, lather and suds amount, how it instantly softens my hair, the conditioner is amazing, and more importantly, once my hair dries it feels like fairies came down and personally brushed my strands with fairy dust, sparkles, magic, butterfly kisses and feather wishes. Soft, luscious curls are a thing for me now. No more frizzies and flat weird non-curls and non-straightness where my hair is neither here nor there. My hair is so here! A nice little side effect of using this anti-dandruff shampoo is that, surprisingly, I have no more dandruff. Sweet!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

To the Finder

My Mom wanted me to read The Shack. She read it and decided to bug me about it until I finally gave in. In order to guarantee that I wasn't just saying I would read it without any intention of actually doing it - she knows me so well - she had me buy a copy on I thought that buying a 2nd hand copy would be the best course of action. I was so right. Not because it was in such good condition for a used book, because it wasn't. Not because I saved so much money buying it used instead of brand new, because I didn't (not significantly anyway). No, it was much, much better than that. There was a note in the book. Smack on the cover some heathen had written "Look inside cover". Inside the cover there was a letter that read (in what my Majah said was 2nd grade handwriting):

To the Finder,
I left this book on the Amtrak train from Dallas to San Marcos.
I thought it was good until it slowly but surely became a religious book. Then I picked up this pen and wrote this note and left it on the seat. So if you love Jesus or want to know more about loving Jesus please read. If you are like me, don't read this, but instead pass it on.


Used book on - MasterCard $5.00
Shipping book to Brazil - MasterCard $8.00
Finding a note warning the reader of the contents in a religious book posing as a novel - priceless.

I won't actually review the book here, but I did think the letter inside was totally worth posting.


Remember These Guys?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cheese, Gromit!

Everyone knows the moon is made of cheese, Gromit.

The other night HRH took me to this really cute place nearby called Emporio Santa Terezinha - in the middle of the week! - to look around and get a little something to eat. Yes, dear reader, I inspire this kind of devotion and affection. This place is a deli as well as a restaurant. One of the coolest things you can do there is order some of their exceptional cold cuts, cheeses and artisanal bread, olive oil, a glass of wine, and you're good to go.

It's very reasonably priced and the environment is very pleasant. It feels like you're in Spain or Italy, rustic and quaint. It's very laid back and casual. We ordered the items I mentioned above, but many people there were eating sandwiches too. Apparantly they made killer sandwiches - nice to know. We ordered some cured ham, salami, Grana Padano and a cheese we had never tried - there are so many different kinds of cheeses! - called Prima Donna. It's a type of Gouda that is aged 2 years (instead of like 6 or something, which is the standard aging period for Gouda) and is exceptional. It's soft and firm, sharp and mild. It's really a very perfect cheese and matches perfectly with good red wine. It was a delight. Grana Padano has been a fave or ours for a while now. It's so nutty and delish. It's hard the way parmesan is, but not as salty, and way more nutty. It's rich, completely stands on its own, and very, very good. It's grainy, in the best possible way, because it just becomes creamy as you eat it.

We had a great time and actually brought the rest home because we ended up ordering too much. What am I saying? How can one order too much manna from Heaven? Last night we set out the "left overs" - if you can even call them that - some wine, bread and olive oil and had a "picnic" style dinner in front of the TV watching one of our fave shows.

I'll be doing that again soon. I see many trips to Santa Terezinha in our very near future. It's a great place to take friends as well, and just talk, laugh, drink, eat, and be merry!

This is what has to say about Prima Donna: Prima Donna is a relatively mild style of a Dutch Gouda cow's milk cheese that is aged for one year. As compared to a four- or six-year Gouda, Prima Donna has a distinctly softer texture and a more subtle flavor. It has an ivory rind with a slight rose blush, a crystalline texture, and a sweet, nutty flavor with a caramel aftertaste. Prima Donna is a versatile cheese for pairing with wines yet it pairs especially well with bigger reds such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Zinfandel.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Perfume: New Chanel 5 Commercial with Audrey Tautou

Love this new commercial for Chanel 5:

When I first heard that Audrey Tautou was going to be the new face of this iconic fragrance I didn't see it. Now I'm a believer. Beautiful in her simplicity and straightforwardly honest face, they couldn't have made a better choice. I also believe that perhaps having a younger, hipper face connected to the fragrance will encourage a younger market to try it, and possibly, just possibly break away from the lollipop pink offerings that have been flooding the market in recent years.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Here's Wishing You Light and Day! - Have a Great Weekend!

These guys are The Polyphonic Spree.I think they're a bit weirdo hippie and even a bit culty - but their music is so happy and full of positive energy (at least this song is), I can help but smile when I hear it.

Hugs, kisses and lipgloss wishes!