Thursday, April 29, 2010

Let's Talk TV

I was reading some comments (the only 3 ever posted) and someone asked me if I watched Spartacus: Blood and Sand - by "someone" I mean Jamie, bless her for commenting. I hadn't actually heard about the series until that moment (yes, I do feel stupid). I immediately looked it up and I saw a picture of Spartacus - uh...yes, please. This was not the odd looking Kirk Douglas Spartacus of old reborn, thank Jesus, this was a Spartacus I could really get behind.

The series is a kind of 300-ish style drama action complete with excessive amounts of comic book blood, greish filter over the camera lens, and guys in olden day thongs fighting it out in the snow. It's also got the gratuitous extra long sex scenes. The sex scene I saw in the first episode was not unlike the kind you see on Cinemax with at least 5 different unlikely and Cirque du Soleil acrobats only positions. So, awesome. If you're not watching it you should give it a try, it's fun.

Some other shows I have been enjoying are Cougar Town (so funny), The Good Wife (good writers, story and acting), Castle (basic cop show but it has a good cast that work well together, there is a light-hearted element to it not unlike NCIS which I find important in procedural shows, unlike SVU which makes you feel like shooting yourself after you finish the episode).

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reviews of the Latest Additions

MAC's new Cremesheen Glass glosses are awesome! When I first saw them I wanted the really light one (Boy Bait, or something like that). By the time I made it to the MAC counter it was sold out. I bought my second choice, Deelight. It's a good thing I did too because it is a joy to wear. It's a very light pinky plum that is warm enough to make you look happy, but cool enough to make you look en vogue. I love it. The consistency is very different from MAC's super gloss, lipglass. It's less sticky but looks fresh for a long time. It has a sponge tip applicator, which is not my fave, but other than that I have no complaints. For cool picks and swatches of all the colors go here.

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara is great. When I first put it on I thought it was good, but not as great as Lash Blast when it comes to under $10 mascaras. I was wrong. It's just as good and depending on the mood, better. I love the wand, very cool and easy to use without making a mess. The formula is long lasting although not waterproof. The packaging is cool and the price is spectacular! Basically, it's a winner.

I borrowed a Revlon nail polish from my friend that's a color I would never use, burgundy with shimmer. I have a strict no red nails with shimmer policy but the color intrigued me. When I put it on one nail as a test I was speachless. It is a very good match to MAC O lipstick, one of my all time favorites - ever. Burgundy with subtle gold shimmer. Needless to say that's the color I've been using since last Wednesday. I'm getting compliments too, it's crazy. The color, in case you're wondering, is Autumn Berry. A beautiful, classy color I urge you all to try. Take a look at these pics so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I Can't Wait

Doesn't it look super fun?

Shampoo Gold

Most of you are unaware of this but, I have white hair. Not like those idiot girls who yank out the individual white strands. No, my hair is white, well, grey. It's about 50%+ grey at this point. Yes, very sad, but thankfully some genius somewhere invented hair dye so I can walk around just like anyone else.

The thing is though, I have to dye my hair every 3-4 weeks. If I get lazy or give my hair a bit of a longer break, it looks so bad I can't leave the house. Because I am constantly dumping harsh ingredients all over my auburn locks, I am in an eternal search for the best shampoo, the best treatment, the best styling cream. It's exhausting, but if I want decent hair I can never, ever give up. Not for the rest of my prematurely greying life.

This search has lead me to two interesting discoveries. First is a very different type of cleanser - Nia Helio Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. It's like magic. The shampoo doesn't really lather a whole lot because it doesn't contain detergent like substances. The abscence of this detergent makes it gentler and less aggressive. The consistency is thick, but easy to spread. It rinses off very easily and doesn't leave any residue. There is a refreshing feeling to the shampoo that's not quite menthol, and not quite anything else. It's unique. The shampoo is also bright red.
The conditioner in turn is a light beige color and very moisturizing. It doesn't weigh your hair down and doesn't leave unwanted residue. It's refreshing but not mentholated. It washes out easily and what you're left with is perfectly hydrated hair. Long term use is supposed to improve the overall condition of your hair, and surprisingly, it does. I've been using it for some time now and my hair is very grateful. I love this stuff and to me it's worth every penny (it's not cheap). The coolest thing about it is that it is made for every hair type. If you have dry hair, your hair will thank you, oily hair will be thoroughly cleansed and not stripped or weighed down, color treated hair will be shinier and the color will last longer. So cool!

The other find is a Brazilian product from a cosmetic pharmeceutical company called Bio-Medicin. It's a restorative shampoo and conditioner filled with natural ingredients and plant extracts. The shampoo has 11% active ingredients and the conditioner 15%. Some ingredients included are aloe vera extract, coconut extract(s), keratin, pilocarpus leaf extract (jaborandi), rice protein, etc. The list goes on. I've been using it for a week, and so far it's a godsend. Not sure about the longterm benefits, but it'll be interesting to see. A major plus with this one is that it smells like a tropical cocktail - how fun is that?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Important Idol Update & Retraction

I hate Siobhan.
Tim surprised me.
Still love Casey.
Aaron needs to go home now!
Crystal is still cool.
Lee's shyness is endearing - and he's great!
Mike is cool, not my fave, but totally cool.

(The Siobhan thing was the retraction - used to love her, now I hate her old lady voice and stupid screeching)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Night To Remember

Saturday I was busing with makeup all afternoon. Our dear friend's daughter was celebrating her 15th birthday, and in South America it's a really big deal. It is a coming out party, a debutant ball, except there is only one debutant. The event was massive, over-the-top spectacular with members from the National Orquestra, 3 dress changes, 3 hair styles, 2 makeup looks, sushi bar, pizza bar, the most amazing hors d'oeuvres, every drink imaginable, chocolates, pastries, gorgeous cake, DJ, the traditional waltz, horse drawn carriage, smoke, fire works -- a really big ass deal.Amanda looked like the princess she is. I did a more burgundy golden and sparkly look for her first dress. This is the one she wore to arrive in the carriage and greet all the guests, dance a bit and grab a bite to eat - literally one bite and then she was whisked away for her second change.

She changed into her white debutant gown for the walts and to walk down the stairs and be received by her escort/date - officially (here they call him the Prince). For this dress I did a traditional bride/debutant look with flawless, luminous skin, flushed cheeks, liquid eyeliner, nude shadow with MAC reflects pearl glitter on top.

This was after she had cried and everyone had kissed her and rubbed all her makeup off. Not bad.

She later changed into a green dress which was short and easy for her to dance in. We left at this point because we were drunk, full, and not about to join all the 15 and 16 year olds on the dance floor for a humiliating round of you're-too-old-to-dance-to-this (insert trashy song of the moment performed by 18 yr old who looks like they were born and raised in an opium den).

Like a fairytale Princess!

The party was a huge success with over 300 people present. Amanda is really loved - she's such a darling princess, she really deserved all the attention she received.

I'm still trying to get my makeup pics from Greti (hint, hint). I'll post them as soon as I have them.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dried Apricot, Brie and Bacon Risotto

Check out these awesome pics of the most amazing risotto!! It's a dried apricot, brie, chili (dedo de mo├ža), chives, and bacon risotto. It came out perfect, amazingly delish.

It was creamy and luscious. Really worth taking note so it can be made over and over again. The way I cook savory foods is the famous pinch of this, handful of that, so it's difficult to write everything down in a recipe. Plus, this kind of food is really not a measure, mathematical, robotic thing - it's supposed to flow naturally. But in case you're wondering, it just a basic risotto recipe (minus the celery) with a very mild veggie stock. The dried apricots were thrown in halfway through cooking time, and the other ingredients only after the rice was cooked and turned off. I stirred it all together, put the lid on, and 10 min later......risotto perfection!

We had brownies with ice cream and chocolate sauce, and peaches and cream for dessert. What were we celebrating? Good friends, good eats, and that it was Sunday and still many hours before we would had to go back to work.

I'll post pics of the amazing party we all (James, Greti, HRH and I) went to Saturday night. I made up 6 people and hope to get the pics from Greti (hint, hint) to post here.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh, What a Week I'm Having!

A seer called Sri Chinmoy wrote about hell and said:

Hell is a thing like doubt.
Hell is a thing like jealousy.

Hell is an animal like a panther.
Hell is an animal like a tiger.

Hell is a man like the poorest beggar.
Hell is a man like the fiercest brute.

Hell is a road paved with good intentions.
Hell is a road that compels us to think of perfection.

This is my version:

Hell is a thing like not being able to choose the right perfume to lift your mood.
Hell is a thing like stress that actually makes you want to exercise - who knew?

Hell is needing to eat chocolate but having to share the cake you made with everyone - ¡todos!
Hell is trying to do everything and looking like a fool doing it.

Hell is like walking around like an old hag all week because you only have time to do hair and nails on Saturday.
Hell is like children fighting when you're talking to your boss on the phone - embarrassing.

Hell is a boss who expects you to do something you really hate doing because there's no one else who can do it but you - it sucks to be awesome sometimes.

Hell is the week I had.

Friday, April 9, 2010

What Would Jesus Do?

The other day while I was out with my friend I had a serious dilema which I have not as yet been able to resolve. Bear with me while I tell you this ridiculous story:

I was at the mall with my friend and she wanted to look at shoes. We walked into one of her fave stores which sells expensive and gorgeous shoes. The moment we walked in I was blinded by the florescent pink on the SA's face. It was like her blush attacked her and won. She had blotches of bright, hideous pink on her cheeks, her chin and......the tip of her nose. No. She did not have a cold. It was blush.

While I was trying to figure out whether or not I should tell her: "Chica, Bozo called, he wants his clown paints back", or something equally as witty while remaining subtle and respectful, another SA walked up with identical, hysterical, allergic makeup.

I immediately diverted my eyes, first because they were bleeding, and also because I couldn't stop staring. It's like when you're a kid and someone says not to look directly at the sun, or at an eclipse, or a terrible road accident - you have to look. They girls must have thought I was autistic because I was trying to avoid looking directly at them and in doing so I looked like a loco.

Here's my dilema: do I say something. On the one hand I couldn't sit idly by while a another human being made a mockery of the cosmetic institution and majorly embarrassed herself in the process - without her knowledge. I am a firm believer in right and wrong - when I see evil I have to do something about it. On the other hand, I know I would have offended and deeply embarrassed them (not that they weren't doing a fine job of it all on their own), and possibly have made the other people in the store break out in unbridled laughter - cause you know they were doing their best to hold it in.

So, my question is: What would Jesus do? What should I do when I see someone who is either color blind, insane, ridiculous, or put their makeup on in the dark, should I say something? I tell people if they have spinach in their teeth (not strangers - often), or if their fly is down -- is crazy clown makeup any different.....Or is it worse?

I still don't know what to do. I would like to say that this is an isolated incident, but it happens to me all the time. I see the weirdest Tim Burton creatures lurking around and it takes all the self-control I have not to pull out a baby wipe and rub like there's no tomorrow - and apply a pretty layer of the right stuff afterwards, of course.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

2 Are Better Than 1 - always

I have been a terrible, terrible blogger. People who don't read my blog or know anything about me have stopped me in the street to complain. I'm getting hate mail and I can't even make that what-the-hey face because I know exactly what the hey is. I have been swamped at work and have just ignored anything that wasn't full on relaxation or full on money making. However, I have devised a cunning plan for the future that will allow me to give my other hobbies some much needed attention. I am going to clone myself. Yes. What's better than one me being awesome all around town? 2 of me! Can you belive I still haven't finished that stupid Nora Roberts book I started a month ago? That's how bad it's gotten. - I do have a plan, though. Now let's just see if I can execute it.

I'll leave you with a video clip I'm sure you've all seen countless times, but that I love, love, love - mostly because it's a beauty/makeup whore's paradise. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Skincare Routine

Let's talk skincare. The other day I went out with my friend to the Chanel store (OMG the nail polishes!), and was horrified to find out that she doesn't properly care for her face. She's in her 60's so it surprised me that she has such a careless attitude about mature skin. She said that she only moisturizes once or twice a week at night and that she doesn't wear sunblock on a regular basis. Gasp! Shock! Horror!

Yes. I have a friend who doesn't mind having the dull and lifeless skin of a mummy.

FYI, my skincare routine is the following:

AM: Wash with mild Clinique soap, tone (Clinique as well), apply very light Shiseido moisturizer or Herbalife Radiant C either under moisturizer or alone. If I'm going out (I work from home, so I don't go out of the house until later) I apply sunblock. Right now I'm using Neutrogena Dry Touch, but I also love and have used La Roche-Posay Anthelios. It's very good.

Early PM: After making lunch I wash my face with Cetaphil to make sure I have no impurities from cooking (it's mild enough to not be soap and cleansy enough to clean), then I reapply whatever I need to like either eye cream, sunblock, etc.

PM: Before bed I wash with milk Clinique soap, tone, apply L'Oreal Genesis serum, and Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Moisturizer. I use pure shea butter on my lips.

I've been using Clinique's makeup remover for Lids, Lips and Lashes and it's really, really good. I'm quite pleased.

What about you?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust - Idol UpdateTop 9

(I know this a bit late but blogger wasn't posting well on Monday)

After last week's shows, here's what I have to say:

Aaron Kelly - Small child can sing, but there's a cheese factor there that turns me off. He's too young for the kind of songs he's singing. His performances are about as entertaining as the waiting room at the Senior Center. ¡Adios amigo!

Andrew Garcia - I have been lighting candles, tossing salt, crossing my fingers and praying for him to be awesome again the way he was during Hollywood week - and it all worked! His performance last week was excellent!

Casey James - He's not just a pretty face and rockin' bod. I love his voice and I think he's super cool. He has my vote. It's always fun to watch him perform and he hasn't let me down yet.

Crystal Bowersox - She's not as likeable as others, but she has a great voice and a very cool vibe. I was hoping she would get dolled up and stuff, but then after I saw her dressed up last week I changed my mind. It's so not her. I like her, just as she is (said in a Colin Firth British accent).

Katie Stevens - Urgh! I am so sick of her and blame her stupid ass for Lily getting kicked off way too early. She's a vote vampire and not worth the phone call. Stop with the voting already!!! She needs to go home pronto!

Lee Dewyze - So cool! He's hot, his voice is awesome - and sexy - and he has great, great style. He's gonna go far. I.Love.Him. If he keeps it up he's going to leave everyone in the dust. Crystal - sleep with one eye open.

Michael Lynche - Big Mike! I love his soulful R&B voice. He's really great and will go on to do great things. He's a sweetheart and has the likeability factor of a cuddly teddy bear.

Siobhan Magnus - She tanked. In a big way. I too, like Simon, am getting bored of her screeching and yelling in every single song. She has an amazing voice and a super range. Now she just needs to be cool about it.

Tim Urban - Why? Such a friggin' bore! Go home! Now!

Didi Benami needed to leave, but Katie and Tim Urban should have left before her. Whatever. I shed no tears for her.