Monday, April 19, 2010

Dried Apricot, Brie and Bacon Risotto

Check out these awesome pics of the most amazing risotto!! It's a dried apricot, brie, chili (dedo de moça), chives, and bacon risotto. It came out perfect, amazingly delish.

It was creamy and luscious. Really worth taking note so it can be made over and over again. The way I cook savory foods is the famous pinch of this, handful of that, so it's difficult to write everything down in a recipe. Plus, this kind of food is really not a measure, mathematical, robotic thing - it's supposed to flow naturally. But in case you're wondering, it just a basic risotto recipe (minus the celery) with a very mild veggie stock. The dried apricots were thrown in halfway through cooking time, and the other ingredients only after the rice was cooked and turned off. I stirred it all together, put the lid on, and 10 min later......risotto perfection!

We had brownies with ice cream and chocolate sauce, and peaches and cream for dessert. What were we celebrating? Good friends, good eats, and that it was Sunday and still many hours before we would had to go back to work.

I'll post pics of the amazing party we all (James, Greti, HRH and I) went to Saturday night. I made up 6 people and hope to get the pics from Greti (hint, hint) to post here.

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