Thursday, April 29, 2010

Let's Talk TV

I was reading some comments (the only 3 ever posted) and someone asked me if I watched Spartacus: Blood and Sand - by "someone" I mean Jamie, bless her for commenting. I hadn't actually heard about the series until that moment (yes, I do feel stupid). I immediately looked it up and I saw a picture of Spartacus - uh...yes, please. This was not the odd looking Kirk Douglas Spartacus of old reborn, thank Jesus, this was a Spartacus I could really get behind.

The series is a kind of 300-ish style drama action complete with excessive amounts of comic book blood, greish filter over the camera lens, and guys in olden day thongs fighting it out in the snow. It's also got the gratuitous extra long sex scenes. The sex scene I saw in the first episode was not unlike the kind you see on Cinemax with at least 5 different unlikely and Cirque du Soleil acrobats only positions. So, awesome. If you're not watching it you should give it a try, it's fun.

Some other shows I have been enjoying are Cougar Town (so funny), The Good Wife (good writers, story and acting), Castle (basic cop show but it has a good cast that work well together, there is a light-hearted element to it not unlike NCIS which I find important in procedural shows, unlike SVU which makes you feel like shooting yourself after you finish the episode).


angie said...

Haha, the way you worded the last few lines of paragraph 2 sounds like you're saying we should try the "acrobats-only" loony sex positions :D :D

Flower Power said...

hahahaa! Perhaps we should, Angie. Perhaps we should.

Jamie said...

When I saw the first episode in Spartacus, I didn't like it at all ("Keep me close to your thighs" ... ?!?!), but then I watched another episode further down the line and I then I got hooked. Plus my bf really enjoyed the 300 style fights and blood and all of that stuff, so we both got addicted together.
I enjoy Castle as well ... good times.

(Gotta work on getting more people to comment! I know you have many fans, they are just all of the silent/lurking kind ...)

Anonymous said...
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Flower Power said...

Haha - keep me close to your thighs - that was so kinky. And yeah, why don't people comment more? It's the whole point of a blog, hello? Let me know if you stumble onto anything else ;)