Friday, July 31, 2009

HRH's Birthday: Mission Impossible

Mousey Mission Impossible

HRH's (His Royal Highness) birthday is in 10 days so I've been doing some thinking about what to do. I know for certain that I want everything to be a surprise. I also know that I don't want to invite anyone to it, ANYONE, because they've all been black listed in my book. (FYI: Blacklisting happens when someone is invited to a party or important event and they fail to show up. I've gone to parties with a fever, so, there is no excuse that touches my cold stone heart.) And I'm not inviting family because my family is too enormous and I just can't do something as nice if everyone comes over. I figure if they want to badly enough, they can do something themselves. I'm confident my plan will both offend and hurt, but...this is not about everyone else, this is about HRH and the party he won't let me throw him, and which I'm going to anyway.

Back to my list. I also know that I don't want him to know how much I'm going to spend. Remember I told you about the time I prepared all those menu options for his super brithday dinner and he said all he wanted was for me not to spend money? Well, my sister's boyfriend suggested that I leave him out of the decision process entirely and just surprise him. Whether that's an excellent idea or not, it's what I'm going to do and I'll deal with the consequences later.

Keeping this a secret is not going to be too difficult since I routinely lie to HRH in order to spare him stress or pain (mine, not his). However, there are a few precautions that must be taken and yesterday I almost seriously blew it. I had carefully written out in my notebook the menu, guests, options, prices, etc and then I walked away and left it open on my bed. Fukui-san came home and walked into the room before I could chase after him and hide it. I have no idea if he saw it. I don't think he did because he didn't say anything. But, it wouldn't have taken much effort to recognize what was on the paper as it was titled in huge capitals: Daniel's Surprise Birthday Celebration Lunch Menu. -- ?

So, maybe that wasn't the most intelligent thing to do. I should have written something like: Hair Dying Options, or How to Throw Clothes in the Hamper and Not on the Floor, or The Hamper and It's Uses, or maybe even something like, Dishes - Wash Them. Basically anything other than what I wrote would have done the trick.

I spoke to the kids about my mission impossible and swore them to secrecy, complete with a detailed list of what would befall them if they broke the silence and everything. I told HRH that I was taking the kids out with Meury to "have fun" at the mall. OMG! He is so easy to lie to. If he had given it any thought at all he would have put a couple of important bits of info together like: I hate the mall, and I hate it even more on rainy school holidays when everyone is there. EVERYONE! A line like "have fun at the mall" is an oxymoron. Hello? I don't think he cared where we went and there's a possibility he wasn't even listening - bless his heart.

To make a super long story short, we survived. We didn't only survive, we emmerged victorious! There was a sale at a very nice store and we were able to get him a sweater/jacket (which he really needs and wants), a pair of nice jeans and a cool dress shirt. I knew the shopping gods were looking down on us because aside from the sale price, I got 20% off on the third item, and when I went to pay, I was given an additional discount based on the fact that I'm awesome.

Hope I didn't bore you to tears with this post. I was just reading back and I can honestly say it's really not one of my best, nor is it one of my worst.

Tata for now!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chat with Angie

I found this on - isn't it adorable?

Well, I was thinking about what to post, and I was all like, urgh. I've got a serious case of the "fuckits". Anywho, I was looking over my conversation with Angie on google chat to find some information (a link, actually) and I realized that it was INSANE - and interesting. This is what we do when we're supposed to be working...? We have this weird habbit of casting characters for different books we like, and choosing which ones should make it on to the big screen and which ones should have never seen the light of day. I really think the only person who'll really enjoy this post is my sister Brunie, because she's loco like us. Anyway, here's a peek into our private conversation, poor spelling and all (there are a lot of delay annoying):

Angie: just thinking of our conversation the other day about how lame movies are made
2:45 PM wouldn't the jude deveraux book the one called the blessing make a suuuper cute movie?
with someone way awesome like hugh jackman
2:46 PM as the main guy
me: blessing
is that the one about the kid
and the woman with migraines
2:47 PM Angie: no! the multi-millionaire who stays in this poor woman's house to take care of her baby and says he's gay
me: exactly
she has migraines
Angie: what?
me: there's a kid
Angie: don't remember that
me: and he paints monkeys
2:48 PM Angie: hahahaha yes, that one
me: I remember the migraines because I sympathized
she had them at night sometimes
it was the first I had heard of someone who gets them at night like I do
weird and aweful
2:49 PM Angie: ah
me: awful?
Angie: well so
me: yes
Angie: instead of making trash like this over and over
me: Hugh Jackman would be perfect
who could the leading lady be
me: someone who could look humble but classy
Angie: they could make something cute and fun with the blessing
i thought of amy adams, but i think she's too pretty
are you serious
she's not a very believable actress
Angie: all her roles are the same
the whiny girlfriend/wife
2:51 PM me: urgh
we don't want her with Hugh in the Blessing
Angie: no!!!
me: wait
so what are you saying
Angie: i said that INSTEAD of making trash like that jennifer anniston movie
they could make a cute, fun movie
me: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Angie: with the blessing
me: yes
2:52 PM who would be the girl
Angie: ummm... she has to have big boobs
me: rachel mcadams
Angie: oooooo perfect!
me: could she
Angie: yes, totally!
me: we would have to see if she's available
but yeah
2:53 PM Angie: hahahahahaha
me: heheeeh
Angie: then we have to have a 'poderosa' secretary with red hair
who falls for the brother
me: they body
you know
mad men
Angie: ooo, you know who would also be the perfect leading man
hahaha, don draper from mad men
me: the red head from mad men
2:54 PM oh yeah
Angie: and yes, the secretary from mad men is perfect
me: he would be a perfect millionaire too'
Angie: so, yes, he would
me: who would be the brother
Angie: hmmm... someone who looks at least somewhat alike...
me: hmmmmmmmm
2:55 PM someone hot
but not as lovable as our leading man
Angie: yes, has to be good looking
me: but a bit of a dick
Angie: yes
2:56 PM ben affleck?
me: mayhap
but not as lovable
2:57 PM Angie: he could pass for don drapers brother
me: sure
any day of the week
2:58 PM Angie: really, who's going to see that love happens, other than aaron eckharts die hard fans
me: what is wrong with him
Angie: its the same old recycled, "i'm damaged and then i find love" crap
me: he was so cool in thank you for smoking
and here he is
mixing the pitcher of shugrwater
Angie: stupid studios
2:59 PM me: sudios are so stupid
Angie: yes, really, what makes him pick this?
me: their ridiculous mafia complicates everything
Angie: ahhh, must be
me: eenie-meenie-miny-mo
Angie: an evil mafia
me: how do you write that anyway?
3:00 PM eeny,meeny, miny, moe
Angie: hahaha, i don't know
me: people do whatever they want
3:01 PM Angie: yes, they're stupid
or even that book you love
with the magicians who steal on the side
3:02 PM me: OMG!
That would be awesome!!
starring......some awesome people of course
we should really cast them sometime
what's the book called
3:03 PM Honest Illusions
that's it
they guy has to be a sizzling super hottie and he would have to be Italian
Angie: yes
me: for that olive skin
3:04 PM Angie: uh, they're always calling him irish in the story
so i guess just dark haired and way good looking
me: ahh
so, someone awesome like Henry Cavill maybe
he has presence
3:05 PM que piensas
Angie: ooooooooooooo yes!
me: what about the girls
Angie: eh
anyone who'll look good with red hair
and is tall and skinny
me: wow
you narrowed it down
3:06 PM Angie: so, she's not important
me: what????
course she is
Angie: i think the old couple is much more interesting anyways
me: well, you would
you're such an old soul
Angie: hahahahaha
3:07 PM check out this movie
me: looking up geriatric actors is not as fun as looking up the other ones
Angie: THIS is what romantic comedies are all about
hmm ok i'll help you think
3:08 PM me: sounds fun
Angie: one of the girls from gossip girl?
they have pretty people on that show
me: is then aggressively pursued by a band of wannabe lovers
yeah.....we want seasoned movie stars
not Izzies
Angie: yes, and did you see the credits?
danny devito
3:09 PM jon heder
me: you didn't name the most important one
Angie: and all set in rome
Angie: should be great
hey, he's not the 'wannabe lover'
me: what is it with you and old people
Angie: hes THE ONE
me: Josh Duhamel is in it and you name Danny DeVitto
Angie: because you said 'wannabe lovers'
3:10 PM me: oh
Angie: heheheh
ick, no, not izzie
me: (clears throat) - spit
Angie: hahahahahaha
3:11 PM that 'awful truth' movie looks like it'll be fun
me: yes
Gerry can fix anything
Angie: but probably more for his sake than hers
so true
me: even the ugliest most annoying Jezebel in all creation
what was her name anyway
Angie: hahahahahahahahaha
me: the witch from PS I love you
Angie: yes, hilary swank
3:12 PM me: mini vomit
Angie: hehehehehe
me: So, if he can fix a movie with her
a movie with Izzie is a a dream
Angie: so true
3:13 PM me: Captain Awesome (from Chuck) is her love interest in that movie
3:14 PM Angie: ah that's right!
me: think there are any good movies on TCM this pm that will help take away the ennui
Angie: what about evangeline lily for... what's her name again? roxanne or something?
me: harumph (how do you spell that) there isn't
Angie: from honest illusions
me: who's roxanne
3:15 PM Angie: from the book honest illusions
me: Oh
she's such a bore
she's hot
but a bore
Angie: hahah why?
me: at least she's more interesting than that other Delilah
what's her name
the one from yesterday
Angie: ah yes, i was just thinking of suggesting her
me: yuck
3:16 PM Angie: the bella character
who's itchy
me: Kristen something
you were going to suggest her for our Irish magician
Angie: hahahah, yes
3:17 PM me: I'm already upset she has her impetigo hands all over Edward
Angie: yuuuuuuck
me: what was the casting director thinking
3:18 PM Angie: i know!
gonna go mop the floor now
me: k
Angie: so if you think i'm ignoring you, i'm not here
me: gonna go
work, I guess

Are you thinking - ? - right now? You're not alone.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Fun: Ducky's Killer Rendition of Try a Little Tenderness

The other day I heard "Try a Little Tenderness" by Otis Redding, and I was reminded of that scene in Pretty in Pink where Ducky slides into the record store and starts rocking out to it, complete with "air humping" and all. I love how into he is regardless of the fact that Molly Ringwald has this very confused face on. The owner is super nutty and she's just eating it up. Classic 80's gold. Pure gold. Notice their awesome hairstyles. Rrrrr.

The first line in the clip is in Spanish, but fear not, the song is in English:

Have a great weekend y'all!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Movie Review: War and Peace (2007 miniseries)

This week I watched the 2007 TV miniseries War and Peace with Clemence Poesy (Fleur in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), Alessio Boni (be still my heart...), and Alexander Beyer. I have to say that this is one version of War and Peace I loved. I tried to read the book when I was in Argentina, in an attic with a flashlight, and frankly it put me to sleep. There's a good chance that reading it now I would be hypnotized. But the problem with the book is that it's slow and long. So very long. (I know, I know - heresy) This is not to say that the story is not good, because it is. Nor am I saying that the characters are uninteresting, because they are. It just kind of drags on for about 1000 more pages than I would have liked.

This is when I turned to the movies. There are two, I believe. One too boring for words, and one that I like a lot with Audrey Hepburn and Henry Fonda. There is only one little, tiny, insignificant to most, but vitally important to me, issue with it - the guys are not exactly eye candy. I know it's superficial - sue me - but I need to be able to get behind the characters and fully accept them as the heroes the writer wants me to believe they are. When the character is not good looking enough for the kind of passion involved, it becomes unbelievable to me. Audrey Hepburn passionately in love for 1000+ pages with this guy?... I don't think so. Now, Clemece Poesy passionately in love with this Italian God... now that I get.

All in all I would say that both book-to-film adaptations bring you into the story and take you on a journey to places unknown. There are beautifully romantic moments, moments of bravery and passion, moments of malice and evil, seduction of the innocents, tyrants, friendships, moral issues, and of course war, that make up this magnificent story. If you haven't read the book, or like me, had a difficult time (okay, I was 16yrs, so maybe I have to give it a shot now in my more advanced age), then this series is for you.

There is this amazing moment when Prince Andrei and Natasha dance the waltz....I love it in those movies of olden days when there's that moment on the dance floor when everyone else fades away, and it's just the two of them twirling and spinning and laughing. There are of course others there with them, but they are irrelevant.

It's a perfect Saturday afternoon movie. I recommend that this activity include tea, popcorn and maybe even a few cucumber and radish sandwiches - but maybe that's just me.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rouge G de Guerlain Jewel Lipstick Compact: Isn't She Lovely?

As I gaze on this beauty Guerlain has created I can't help but thank my lucky stars that I was born in this day and age and not hundreds of years ago. To think that the first tubes of lipstick looked like this:

I have this book about the history of lipstick that is a short and interesting read about how it has evolved from a pots of pigments to this gloriousness. For more summarized information go here, it's fun. You can see all the colors available at

Now that I have seen it, the trick is going to be how to get my hands on it without having to sell a kidney.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mary's Birthday: A Night to Remember - although I don't think anyone can...

Me and Mary laughing it out - good times!

Friday was my kid sister's birthday, and as everyone knows, there's no better way to herald in the new year (in her case her 25th) than by having a drinking free for all. Mary made her very successful drink called "The Mary Poppins". It consists of white grape juice, lemon juice, Sprite, tons of vodka and the Smirnoff berry vodka mix. It was pink, sweet and lethal. It all started at 9pm with a sweet welcome and a hug - then it just went downhill from there, in a totally good way. We were drinking and laughing and being merry. The way it should be.

Gui and Mary hugging it out - again. The party took place at Gui's. It's a small duplex apartment that fit all 30 guests very, very snuggly. As someone once said...better to have an overly crowded party than an empty one.

Gui was seriously pushing his luck when he picked Mary up during "Happy Birthday to you" and like 50 other songs. People here have this thing for singing a million songs when they wish you happy birthday. Oh well.

Mary made one of her uncharacteristic visits to the Sinner's Lounge (what we named the varanda, because eveyone out there started drinking - and stuff - at 9pm and didn't stop until 2am). We laughed so much, wow! I don't remember the last time I laughed that much. The Mary Poppins rules.

Here it is. The culprit. The reason for all the laughing, inpromptu singing, choking, face licking, excessive hugging, kissing, lifting of people bigger than them, and the inevitable barfing (you know who you are - Spangie).

The table at the Sinner's Lounge, or as Mary called us, the Evildoers.

Here's Spangie nursing her cup of elixir. She liked the Mary Poppins a lot. A LOT!

Gus "Sinatra" Cergueira broke out into song during Michael Buble's "Come Fly With Me". It was cool. It also happened towards the end of the party so he sounded really good. At least to all the marinated folk there. By the by, Mary's playlist was wicked awesome. She did a really good job.

Majah said it looked like that scene in that black-and-white with Groucho Marx (I think) where they're in a cabin on a ship and people keep walking in until there are about 20 people in a tiny, whiny room and they all fall out, something or other. I agree. (Scroll down for Youtube clip of that scene) It was very much like that for everyone except Los Sinners, because outside it was pleasant and nice and we all had chairs - which we broke...hahahaa!

Gab's boyfriend, Mary, Drakes (anger issues?) and Gabs

I want everyone - and by everyone, I mean Spangie - to take a page from my book. I took this picture around 1:30am after many Mary Poppins and it is in focus and straight. Pictures don't automatically look extra fun just because they're crooked. Mkay.

By the way, we had Devil's Food Cake and capuccino buttercream frosting. Yum! No pics. Sorry. But look what I found....Yay!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This is so me right now

Right......I know it's been a while since I posted and really, it's no fault of my own. I've been slacking on a lot of things in order to make others work. It's your basic rob Peter to pay Paul strategy. It's working pretty well except that I'm starting to piss some people off. Anyway, I promise to do better soon and hope you all bear with me until then.

Tata for now...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Makeup: Fun Anime Inspired Look

I was reading one of my fave blogs this morning and came across a post about some makeup how-to videos on Am I completely crazy for loving this particular look - a lot?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Recipe: Broccoli Cole Slaw

On Sunday I made a nice lunch for us that included roasted garlic mashed potatoes and pork chops, but the real star of the show was my broccoli cole slaw. I started adding a bunch of vegetables and different ingredients together - et voila - a masterpiece was born. As my magnanimousness is never ending I am sharing this recipe with you here today.

Broccoli Cole Slaw


1 head raw broccoli finely sliced and cut to the same size as the other ingredients (I use the stem and everything - just be sure to slice first, then soak for 30m in vinager water and strain for another 30m)
1 cup finely shredded cabbage
1 small finely julienned carrot
2 seeded and finely julienned chillis
1 large celery stick finely julienned
1 apple finely julienned
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 lime (to squeeze over the apples so they don't brown)

1/2 cup light mayo
2/3 cup light cream or yogurt (I would maybe do half and half, but don't substitute the mayo)
1 tbs ginger grated and squeezed - use only the juice (or powdered ginger)
1 large tbs dijon mustard

How To:

Veggies: toss all the ingredients together in a large bowl

Dressing: whisk everything together and mix into the veggies with a fork (you can make more dressing if you want, it's up to you.)

You're welcome!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ask Flower Power: Dear Word Crazy

Do you remember a little while ago when I posted a letter from a dear friend who needed my guidance and awesomeness? Well, my workload has finally normalized and I have the time to post properly. Since this answer is long overdue, here it is:

Dear Word Crazy,

I feel your pain. I know exactly what you're feeling and what you're freaking out about. There's something really important that you need to keep in mind: men are babies. Stupid babies. They take forever to mature, and even once you think they've finally joined the "grown-up" world, they disappoint you by being emotionally stunted. There are times when actions and not words are important. There are people who are "I love you" whores and just walk around saying it to everyone, but don't really mean it. Then there are others who show it and never say it.
If you ask me both are immature and foolish. If you really love someone, you should break down and say the words, for their benefit as well as for your own. Life is too short to walk around not telling the people you love how you feel. You never know what will happen tomorrow and if you don't verbalize and show how you feel, you may regret it.

As someone once said: a rose to the living is more than sumptuous wreaths to the dead. Braithwaite

So, while I think it would show immense zen maturity on your part to go ahead and take what you can get from him, his loving actions and not his words, I think you need those words. He's being a silly, ridiculous baby and he needs to get over himself. Any time things get intimate with the two of you he starts whining and moping about his ex and how she broke his heart, discarded his poem written in blood, and - oh, horror of horrors - didn't say she loved him back. My God! She treated him like shit the entire time and here he is still crying about it and letting it effect your sweet geriatric relationship. You guys are two old, wrinkled (in spirit) peas in a pod, and if he can't see that and declare already, then it's his loss.

In my opinion you need to give him a time limit. The amount of time is up to you, but be careful not to wait too long. Before you know it 5 years will have passed and you'll still have no idea what's going on. If he doesn't grow up and stop being selfish and demanding "control" (what the frick??) you will have to suck it up and Super Nanny his ass. That's right. Time out. No soup for you! How else is the silly baby going to learn?

Before I close, I just want to comment on the fact that you said in your letter that you didn't want to look like a fool. Honey, that ship has sailed. You yourself said that you and him baby talk and make up names for your kisses ( vomit). Does reading it in black and white help you see how ridiculous it is? No? Fine. I give up. It's hopeless. Go ahead and baby talk all you want. What do I care. Just don't you dare do it in front of me.

Good luck. I'm cheering for you,

Flower Power

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Zombie Mom Walk

I wish I could be in bed like the cute cartoon. But I can't. Woe is me.

Wow. My body is not happy. I mean, just a little bit of extra extra work and a couple of all nighters and it starts systematically shutting down. I feel like one of those Terminators who shut down after their mission has been accomplished and wait for the next assignment. I would like to say that the "spirit" is willing, but the flesh is weak - however, I would be lying. Neither the flesh, nor the spirit want to work at all right now. Such unwillingness to work is rarely see outside of the potato family - couch potato, to be specific. Je suis très malade.

Sad thing is, no matter how much neither I, nor my body, want to work, I have no choice but to proceed as planned. A mother's job is never done. Ever. And so, even though I'm living on a prayer, I have to zombie-walk about and do what I always do. And like Johnnie Walker always says, "I keep walking". (Insert sad violin music here.) Here's the extra special little bit of love the universe is sending my way after all the luck: Thing 1 and Thing 2 are also sick. Lovely.

Zombie Mom is funny

That means that between snot, hankies, tea and crackers, I'm on full-time Florence Nightingale allert. Precious moments. I can't complain. It could be worse - I guess. I remember when we all had dengue. Yeah, that was a barrell of laughs. But since I work at home, I can still keep up with my duties and my work doesn't suffer. No need to take a sick day. Wonderful.

I think maybe I'll watch Flubber this afternoon with the babies. That should cheer me up in time to go to my friend's birthday fondue tonight. Yay!