Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chat with Angie

I found this on - isn't it adorable?

Well, I was thinking about what to post, and I was all like, urgh. I've got a serious case of the "fuckits". Anywho, I was looking over my conversation with Angie on google chat to find some information (a link, actually) and I realized that it was INSANE - and interesting. This is what we do when we're supposed to be working...? We have this weird habbit of casting characters for different books we like, and choosing which ones should make it on to the big screen and which ones should have never seen the light of day. I really think the only person who'll really enjoy this post is my sister Brunie, because she's loco like us. Anyway, here's a peek into our private conversation, poor spelling and all (there are a lot of delay annoying):

Angie: just thinking of our conversation the other day about how lame movies are made
2:45 PM wouldn't the jude deveraux book the one called the blessing make a suuuper cute movie?
with someone way awesome like hugh jackman
2:46 PM as the main guy
me: blessing
is that the one about the kid
and the woman with migraines
2:47 PM Angie: no! the multi-millionaire who stays in this poor woman's house to take care of her baby and says he's gay
me: exactly
she has migraines
Angie: what?
me: there's a kid
Angie: don't remember that
me: and he paints monkeys
2:48 PM Angie: hahahaha yes, that one
me: I remember the migraines because I sympathized
she had them at night sometimes
it was the first I had heard of someone who gets them at night like I do
weird and aweful
2:49 PM Angie: ah
me: awful?
Angie: well so
me: yes
Angie: instead of making trash like this over and over
me: Hugh Jackman would be perfect
who could the leading lady be
me: someone who could look humble but classy
Angie: they could make something cute and fun with the blessing
i thought of amy adams, but i think she's too pretty
are you serious
she's not a very believable actress
Angie: all her roles are the same
the whiny girlfriend/wife
2:51 PM me: urgh
we don't want her with Hugh in the Blessing
Angie: no!!!
me: wait
so what are you saying
Angie: i said that INSTEAD of making trash like that jennifer anniston movie
they could make a cute, fun movie
me: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Angie: with the blessing
me: yes
2:52 PM who would be the girl
Angie: ummm... she has to have big boobs
me: rachel mcadams
Angie: oooooo perfect!
me: could she
Angie: yes, totally!
me: we would have to see if she's available
but yeah
2:53 PM Angie: hahahahahaha
me: heheeeh
Angie: then we have to have a 'poderosa' secretary with red hair
who falls for the brother
me: they body
you know
mad men
Angie: ooo, you know who would also be the perfect leading man
hahaha, don draper from mad men
me: the red head from mad men
2:54 PM oh yeah
Angie: and yes, the secretary from mad men is perfect
me: he would be a perfect millionaire too'
Angie: so, yes, he would
me: who would be the brother
Angie: hmmm... someone who looks at least somewhat alike...
me: hmmmmmmmm
2:55 PM someone hot
but not as lovable as our leading man
Angie: yes, has to be good looking
me: but a bit of a dick
Angie: yes
2:56 PM ben affleck?
me: mayhap
but not as lovable
2:57 PM Angie: he could pass for don drapers brother
me: sure
any day of the week
2:58 PM Angie: really, who's going to see that love happens, other than aaron eckharts die hard fans
me: what is wrong with him
Angie: its the same old recycled, "i'm damaged and then i find love" crap
me: he was so cool in thank you for smoking
and here he is
mixing the pitcher of shugrwater
Angie: stupid studios
2:59 PM me: sudios are so stupid
Angie: yes, really, what makes him pick this?
me: their ridiculous mafia complicates everything
Angie: ahhh, must be
me: eenie-meenie-miny-mo
Angie: an evil mafia
me: how do you write that anyway?
3:00 PM eeny,meeny, miny, moe
Angie: hahaha, i don't know
me: people do whatever they want
3:01 PM Angie: yes, they're stupid
or even that book you love
with the magicians who steal on the side
3:02 PM me: OMG!
That would be awesome!!
starring......some awesome people of course
we should really cast them sometime
what's the book called
3:03 PM Honest Illusions
that's it
they guy has to be a sizzling super hottie and he would have to be Italian
Angie: yes
me: for that olive skin
3:04 PM Angie: uh, they're always calling him irish in the story
so i guess just dark haired and way good looking
me: ahh
so, someone awesome like Henry Cavill maybe
he has presence
3:05 PM que piensas
Angie: ooooooooooooo yes!
me: what about the girls
Angie: eh
anyone who'll look good with red hair
and is tall and skinny
me: wow
you narrowed it down
3:06 PM Angie: so, she's not important
me: what????
course she is
Angie: i think the old couple is much more interesting anyways
me: well, you would
you're such an old soul
Angie: hahahahaha
3:07 PM check out this movie
me: looking up geriatric actors is not as fun as looking up the other ones
Angie: THIS is what romantic comedies are all about
hmm ok i'll help you think
3:08 PM me: sounds fun
Angie: one of the girls from gossip girl?
they have pretty people on that show
me: is then aggressively pursued by a band of wannabe lovers
yeah.....we want seasoned movie stars
not Izzies
Angie: yes, and did you see the credits?
danny devito
3:09 PM jon heder
me: you didn't name the most important one
Angie: and all set in rome
Angie: should be great
hey, he's not the 'wannabe lover'
me: what is it with you and old people
Angie: hes THE ONE
me: Josh Duhamel is in it and you name Danny DeVitto
Angie: because you said 'wannabe lovers'
3:10 PM me: oh
Angie: heheheh
ick, no, not izzie
me: (clears throat) - spit
Angie: hahahahahaha
3:11 PM that 'awful truth' movie looks like it'll be fun
me: yes
Gerry can fix anything
Angie: but probably more for his sake than hers
so true
me: even the ugliest most annoying Jezebel in all creation
what was her name anyway
Angie: hahahahahahahahaha
me: the witch from PS I love you
Angie: yes, hilary swank
3:12 PM me: mini vomit
Angie: hehehehehe
me: So, if he can fix a movie with her
a movie with Izzie is a a dream
Angie: so true
3:13 PM me: Captain Awesome (from Chuck) is her love interest in that movie
3:14 PM Angie: ah that's right!
me: think there are any good movies on TCM this pm that will help take away the ennui
Angie: what about evangeline lily for... what's her name again? roxanne or something?
me: harumph (how do you spell that) there isn't
Angie: from honest illusions
me: who's roxanne
3:15 PM Angie: from the book honest illusions
me: Oh
she's such a bore
she's hot
but a bore
Angie: hahah why?
me: at least she's more interesting than that other Delilah
what's her name
the one from yesterday
Angie: ah yes, i was just thinking of suggesting her
me: yuck
3:16 PM Angie: the bella character
who's itchy
me: Kristen something
you were going to suggest her for our Irish magician
Angie: hahahah, yes
3:17 PM me: I'm already upset she has her impetigo hands all over Edward
Angie: yuuuuuuck
me: what was the casting director thinking
3:18 PM Angie: i know!
gonna go mop the floor now
me: k
Angie: so if you think i'm ignoring you, i'm not here
me: gonna go
work, I guess

Are you thinking - ? - right now? You're not alone.


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