Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Zombie Mom Walk

I wish I could be in bed like the cute cartoon. But I can't. Woe is me.

Wow. My body is not happy. I mean, just a little bit of extra extra work and a couple of all nighters and it starts systematically shutting down. I feel like one of those Terminators who shut down after their mission has been accomplished and wait for the next assignment. I would like to say that the "spirit" is willing, but the flesh is weak - however, I would be lying. Neither the flesh, nor the spirit want to work at all right now. Such unwillingness to work is rarely see outside of the potato family - couch potato, to be specific. Je suis très malade.

Sad thing is, no matter how much neither I, nor my body, want to work, I have no choice but to proceed as planned. A mother's job is never done. Ever. And so, even though I'm living on a prayer, I have to zombie-walk about and do what I always do. And like Johnnie Walker always says, "I keep walking". (Insert sad violin music here.) Here's the extra special little bit of love the universe is sending my way after all the luck: Thing 1 and Thing 2 are also sick. Lovely.

Zombie Mom is funny

That means that between snot, hankies, tea and crackers, I'm on full-time Florence Nightingale allert. Precious moments. I can't complain. It could be worse - I guess. I remember when we all had dengue. Yeah, that was a barrell of laughs. But since I work at home, I can still keep up with my duties and my work doesn't suffer. No need to take a sick day. Wonderful.

I think maybe I'll watch Flubber this afternoon with the babies. That should cheer me up in time to go to my friend's birthday fondue tonight. Yay!

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