Monday, July 20, 2009

Mary's Birthday: A Night to Remember - although I don't think anyone can...

Me and Mary laughing it out - good times!

Friday was my kid sister's birthday, and as everyone knows, there's no better way to herald in the new year (in her case her 25th) than by having a drinking free for all. Mary made her very successful drink called "The Mary Poppins". It consists of white grape juice, lemon juice, Sprite, tons of vodka and the Smirnoff berry vodka mix. It was pink, sweet and lethal. It all started at 9pm with a sweet welcome and a hug - then it just went downhill from there, in a totally good way. We were drinking and laughing and being merry. The way it should be.

Gui and Mary hugging it out - again. The party took place at Gui's. It's a small duplex apartment that fit all 30 guests very, very snuggly. As someone once said...better to have an overly crowded party than an empty one.

Gui was seriously pushing his luck when he picked Mary up during "Happy Birthday to you" and like 50 other songs. People here have this thing for singing a million songs when they wish you happy birthday. Oh well.

Mary made one of her uncharacteristic visits to the Sinner's Lounge (what we named the varanda, because eveyone out there started drinking - and stuff - at 9pm and didn't stop until 2am). We laughed so much, wow! I don't remember the last time I laughed that much. The Mary Poppins rules.

Here it is. The culprit. The reason for all the laughing, inpromptu singing, choking, face licking, excessive hugging, kissing, lifting of people bigger than them, and the inevitable barfing (you know who you are - Spangie).

The table at the Sinner's Lounge, or as Mary called us, the Evildoers.

Here's Spangie nursing her cup of elixir. She liked the Mary Poppins a lot. A LOT!

Gus "Sinatra" Cergueira broke out into song during Michael Buble's "Come Fly With Me". It was cool. It also happened towards the end of the party so he sounded really good. At least to all the marinated folk there. By the by, Mary's playlist was wicked awesome. She did a really good job.

Majah said it looked like that scene in that black-and-white with Groucho Marx (I think) where they're in a cabin on a ship and people keep walking in until there are about 20 people in a tiny, whiny room and they all fall out, something or other. I agree. (Scroll down for Youtube clip of that scene) It was very much like that for everyone except Los Sinners, because outside it was pleasant and nice and we all had chairs - which we broke...hahahaa!

Gab's boyfriend, Mary, Drakes (anger issues?) and Gabs

I want everyone - and by everyone, I mean Spangie - to take a page from my book. I took this picture around 1:30am after many Mary Poppins and it is in focus and straight. Pictures don't automatically look extra fun just because they're crooked. Mkay.

By the way, we had Devil's Food Cake and capuccino buttercream frosting. Yum! No pics. Sorry. But look what I found....Yay!

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someone said...

Excellent party... very fun!

And hey! If you don't want me taking photos, don't give me the camera... :P