Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh, What a Week I'm Having!

A seer called Sri Chinmoy wrote about hell and said:

Hell is a thing like doubt.
Hell is a thing like jealousy.

Hell is an animal like a panther.
Hell is an animal like a tiger.

Hell is a man like the poorest beggar.
Hell is a man like the fiercest brute.

Hell is a road paved with good intentions.
Hell is a road that compels us to think of perfection.

This is my version:

Hell is a thing like not being able to choose the right perfume to lift your mood.
Hell is a thing like stress that actually makes you want to exercise - who knew?

Hell is needing to eat chocolate but having to share the cake you made with everyone - ¡todos!
Hell is trying to do everything and looking like a fool doing it.

Hell is like walking around like an old hag all week because you only have time to do hair and nails on Saturday.
Hell is like children fighting when you're talking to your boss on the phone - embarrassing.

Hell is a boss who expects you to do something you really hate doing because there's no one else who can do it but you - it sucks to be awesome sometimes.

Hell is the week I had.

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angie said...

Excellent poetry :D