Thursday, April 8, 2010

2 Are Better Than 1 - always

I have been a terrible, terrible blogger. People who don't read my blog or know anything about me have stopped me in the street to complain. I'm getting hate mail and I can't even make that what-the-hey face because I know exactly what the hey is. I have been swamped at work and have just ignored anything that wasn't full on relaxation or full on money making. However, I have devised a cunning plan for the future that will allow me to give my other hobbies some much needed attention. I am going to clone myself. Yes. What's better than one me being awesome all around town? 2 of me! Can you belive I still haven't finished that stupid Nora Roberts book I started a month ago? That's how bad it's gotten. - I do have a plan, though. Now let's just see if I can execute it.

I'll leave you with a video clip I'm sure you've all seen countless times, but that I love, love, love - mostly because it's a beauty/makeup whore's paradise. Enjoy!

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