Thursday, October 22, 2009

Youtube Makeup: Pixiwoo

Do you ever watch makeup tutorials on Youtube? It relaxes me. I love watching many different videos like Michelle Phan (ricebunny, although the music on her videos is annoying and the voice over is a little meh), panacea81, MakeUpGeek. But love, love, love pixiwoo! They are my current new obsession. Fun, educational, outrageous, looks that are a joy to watch. They're skills are on a whole different level. They aren't just fans who love makeup, they're seriously talent makeup pros who do their thing for all of us to see on Youtube. I highly recommend subscribing to their channel and checking out all they have to show.

Here are a couple of links just to show you what I mean. This is a doable, great, fashion forward look that can be easily worn by anyone:

This is so you see what the pros are up to and the skill level they're at:

If you're like me you'll waste hours of you life going through all their hundreds of videos. But it's totally worth it!

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