Wednesday, October 14, 2009

To the Finder

My Mom wanted me to read The Shack. She read it and decided to bug me about it until I finally gave in. In order to guarantee that I wasn't just saying I would read it without any intention of actually doing it - she knows me so well - she had me buy a copy on I thought that buying a 2nd hand copy would be the best course of action. I was so right. Not because it was in such good condition for a used book, because it wasn't. Not because I saved so much money buying it used instead of brand new, because I didn't (not significantly anyway). No, it was much, much better than that. There was a note in the book. Smack on the cover some heathen had written "Look inside cover". Inside the cover there was a letter that read (in what my Majah said was 2nd grade handwriting):

To the Finder,
I left this book on the Amtrak train from Dallas to San Marcos.
I thought it was good until it slowly but surely became a religious book. Then I picked up this pen and wrote this note and left it on the seat. So if you love Jesus or want to know more about loving Jesus please read. If you are like me, don't read this, but instead pass it on.


Used book on - MasterCard $5.00
Shipping book to Brazil - MasterCard $8.00
Finding a note warning the reader of the contents in a religious book posing as a novel - priceless.

I won't actually review the book here, but I did think the letter inside was totally worth posting.


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someone said...

Whhahahahahah!! That note is TOTALLY priceless!

Wonder how many people left it on the Amtrak train before someone decided to take it home and sell it on Amazon...