Friday, January 23, 2009

Sugar High Friday

You know what I think is cool about Friday? Everything. The day seems brighter, the sky bluer, the birds sing clearer, and food tastes sweeter.

There are certain things I look forward to today. For example, the Rio Show magazine that comes with today's paper. It always has restaurant reviews, food trends, theater and movie reviews. All the new releases are announced in this magazine and all the schedules are available there as well.

Friday means no extra study time for the kids, so my job is cut in half and that makes my afternoon much cooler. It also means we do our special Friday night activity with the babies. We either make pão de queijo (Thing 2's fave), chip 'n dip, popcorn and of course pizza or some such naughty goodness for dinner.

Friday also means I can make my super hard core lemonade (totally spiked with cachaça - a family fave), or pop open a bottle of wine, make screw drivers, have large amounts of beer, and moderate amounts of whiskey. In general we reserve the good stuff for the weekend and Friday heralds it in like trumpets announcing the arrival of the king.

The other thing Friday brings is that comforting feeling of knowing you can pass everything you don't want to do on to - you know the answer - Monday. What I usually do on Friday is I make a list of what needs to be done and I stick to that. I don't sweat the little stuff, not worth it. I leave what I can until Monday and make no secret of it.

The other cool thing is that if I'm in the mood to make anything sweet, this is the day I do it. This weekend for example, we'll be having my famous chocolate deluxe fudge brownies with extra chocolate explosions. Will kick this weekend off with a serious sugar high. Sweet!

I didn't want to leave you empty handed, so this is for you. It's a terrible copy of the skit, but it's hysterical, so it's worth it. This is a skit with the dynamic duo: Andy Sandberg and Justin Timberlake who are accompanied by a nameless ugly fat guy, Paul Rudd and Beyonce -or is it Sasha Fierce? I never know when she turns into her alter ego. By the way, anyone else think the "alter ego" biz is so way out there it's competing with Scientology? Ok, maybe not that far out there, but out there nontheless. Since when is - what can only be described as possession - something to brag about?? Check out this ludicrous statement made by one of her "personas" to see what I mean - cookoo!

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