Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Moon: A New Jacob

I've started reading New Moon which is book II of the Twilight Series, but there's just something I can't get my head around: Jacob. I think maybe it's because of the image the movie gave me of what he looks like that's just throwing me off. I'm sorry to say that it's become a major distraction and I just can't go any further without finding another Jacob for me to picture. So, after much searching (it was really hard actually), I've come up with some options I think I can get behind. Some of them I believe in more strongly than others, but everyone has their preference, so I didn't limit it to one. Bella is hanging out so much with Jacob that in order for me to enjoy the book, I had to do something, right? There are others that are more famous actors, like Benjamin Bratt, but, you know. Mostly, I found this to be a very challenging project and I hope you appreciate my efforts.

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