Sunday, January 4, 2009


I have a friend who got stood up by her boyfriend of three months on New Year's Eve. They were dating and it was all good and well, and then the 31st came along and instead of doing what they had planned to do, he just didn't show up and when they finally talked, he said he had to be with a friend. My friend had made it clear to her boyfriend that she was going through some pretty heavy things at the time and that she really needed his support, and presence. I don't think I need to tell you that he did not budge from where he was. Do I need to tell you that my friend broke up with him? No, not really, do I?

Since then he's been trying to get back together with her, but none of us think it's a good idea. I'm not a cruel or unreasonable person and since I believe everyone should be given a second chance, I've come up with some ways that he could make it up to her. As far as I can see these are his options. He could:
  1. Star in a movie, win an Oscar and in his speech, he could dedicate his Oscar to her, like Tom Hanks did. You remember that, don't you?
  2. Dedicate his life to helping children in Africa, win a Nobel Peace Prize and then dedicate it to her.
  3. Build a beautiful temple in her honor, commission a statue in her likeness and place it in the entrance.
  4. Write a book, win a Pulitzer and dedicate it to her.
  5. Take off like Heathcliff, earn his fortune, return and spend the rest of his life treating her like a princess and giving her everything her heart desires, before her heart desires it.
  6. Become an astronaut, land on the moon, and plant a flag with her name on it where the whole world can see.
  7. Write a song, win a Grammy and dedicate it to her.
  8. Become a football player, win the Superbowl, get the championship ring and give it to her.
If you have any other suggestions for him, let me know in the comments and I'll pass them on. Be reasonable, though. We're not asking for the moon after all, just a flag on the moon.

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someone said...

Hmm... well, maybe become a world-famous chef and name one of those thousand dollar desserts after her :)