Thursday, January 29, 2009

A SAG Awards Moment

I watched the SAG awards the other night and frankly there were no surprises. Everyone you thought would win, won. I could go into detail about all the winners and get into who was this and who was that, but are you really interested? Probably not. This is why I've decided to spare you the details and show you my fave dressed of the evening.

Most of these images are from sites like SocialiteLife. I don't think she'll mind. Her blog is good for when you feel like you need a healthy dose of frivolous or mind-numbing stupidity. It's a great Saturday morning read.

Evan Rachel Wood. She's just so, so gorgeous. Her dress is more than stunning and I love that she paired it with purple shoes and clutch. Did you know that she's Marilyn Manson's girlfriend? Yeah. He's got pretty good taste, right? Either that or Rose McGowen, Dita Von Teese and Evan Rachel Wood all have really bad taste. I'm thinking it's more likely he has evil sorcerer powers and he hypnotizes them. He casts a spell on the most gorgeous women so that they have no idea what they're doing and they're madly in love with him. Once he tires of them he releases them from their spell and they're left reeling from the after-effects and have no idea what's up or down. Dita Von Teese recently said she's into better looking men now. She must have had one hell of a shock when she woke up one morning and realized who she was married to.

January Jones. If any of you watch Mad Men you'll see that she is always picture perfect. Like a Stepford wife. She's beautiful and her choice of dress is bold and stunning. She looks like she went for an exotic "Cleopatra" style dress and it worked. She doesn't have the face of a femme fatale, she has more of an "angelic" face, but that dress is killer!

The Indian actress from Slumdog Millionaire, Freida Pinto, was stunning as well. The contrast of her sky blue dress and that ethereal fabric up against her mocha skin is amazing. Mark her face, because you can be sure we'll be seeing her a lot from now on.

Kate Winslet. I couldn't find a decent full length picture of her to show you her dress, but I think this is ok. At least you can see what color it was. Just picture it all the way to the ground and you're good to go. She is a great beauty, an English rose and I love to see her act.

This picture is not exactly a picture of my favorite dress, but it is my favorite picture. Do you see the way he's looking at her? My God! It's like she's his world. His face lights up when he sees her. It's a candid shot. The photographer wasn't trying to take a picture of them, he was focusing on the back of Angelina's dress, but what he captured on film was much, much better.

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