Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Update: Good Food, Good Friends - who could ask for anything more?

This Sunday we had a low key quiet day. After going shopping in the morning (Fukui-san's fave activity) we felt we needed to sit still and not do anything else all day that would involve spending any more money. We brought the kids back from their friend's house where they had a sleep-over and got to work on lunch. We wanted to make it special because my dear sis Virginia was coming to visit and it had been a while since she graced us with her overly bubbly and chipper self. Samurai-Jack has been begging me to make chicken wings so that's what we did. After cooking them for a while with nothing but a bit of oil and garlic salt I poured out all the water the chicken released (gold!) and poured a terriyake and corn syrup glaze all over it. It went back into the oven to caramelize and perfect. They came out beautiful, glossy, and delish.

We made arroz maluco (crazy rice), which is really just random ingredients mixed into the rice along with matchstick potato chips (I served that on the side). It was perfect with the awesome gravy I made with the chicken juice. All I did was thicken it up a bit and I'll be the first to say that it was the best gravy I've ever made. It was thick and decadent and we drowned our rice in it and then sprinkled batata palha all over it. Oh, Jesus, take the wheel!

Corn on the cob is always welcome. Sweet delish corn that is tender, hot, buttery and just waiting to make a total mess of your hands, chin, and lodge in the gaps of your teeth. So long as you've got plenty of floss for the "after party" it's all good.

After lunch we ate the smallest amount of ice-cream for dessert I've ever seen anyone eat. We weren't enthusiastic about it at all because we were so friggin' full. Then Fukui-san and I went to Lua and Andre's to watch 3 hours of American Idol they had recorded. It was awesome! Wow, I can't believe I almost forgot to mention that Fukui-san made his famous Chocolate Irish Cream Liquor for us to have during Idol. I think we can safely say that Sunday was a very fun day and we had tons of laughs and good times.

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someone said...

Yes, that gravy really was THE BEST you've ever made!! :)