Friday, March 6, 2009

Romantic Movie Moments

When it comes to sappy crap, no one likes it better than I do. Either because I think it's beautiful, or because it's so ridiculous I find it hilarious. This is why I feel super qualified to make this list of some of the most romantic scenes from movies. There is one movie I couldn't find a scene for and this made me very unhappy. The movie in question is "Meet Joe Black". I find it loco with romance and I've seen it more times than I care to mention. There's a priceless scene where he discovers peanut butter and then shortly afterward sex, which is seriously adorable. I'm convinced no one could pull off playing the angel of death in an adorable way other than Brad Pitt.

"Gone with the Wind" is another amazingly romantic movie. Like everyone I know, Rhett is my favorite character. His attitude is singular. See what I mean by watching this clip which is fantastic. "I want you to faint. This is what you were meant for".

I love the movie "West Side Story". There is one moment I find important to mention here, and that is the moment on the clip. So beautiful it takes my breath away.

To me "Titanic" is indulgent nonsense. Fine, maybe I'm being a bit harsh, but how can anyone expect me to love a movie where everything leads to an old witch tossing a beautiful, priceless diamond into the ocean? It was the single most traumatic scene in movie making history. But, regardless of that bit of terrifying drama, there is one moment which to me is breathtaking. So breathtaking in fact that it makes it into my list of super romantic movie moments.

No movie moment list would be complete without this one from "An Officer and a Gentleman". While I don't think the movie in itself particularly romantic, I love, love, love this scene.

This scene from "Phantom of the Opera" rips your heart and tears it to shreds. But it's just so beautiful, what are we supposed to do?

And just so you all don't think I've completely lost it, this is a classic, classic bit of fun from "Men in Tights". Enjoy!

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someone said...

Whahahaha, that scene from Men in Tights is one of my favorites... so funny :P