Thursday, March 26, 2009


There's a site I love that I wanted to bring to your attention. It's called The site features all things beauty. You can look up any product you have or are interested in buying and there will be member reviews and ratings. This is a helpful tool when deciding on a specific product. I use this a lot when choosing face wash, mascaras, sunscreen, moisturizers, etc.

There are helpful lists with good slide shows that will show things like: the worst mascaras, the best mascaras, etc...

Another very helpful feature is their video tutorials. You can go through all of them, or just some that are more specific to your needs. There are how-to's for different problem or challenging things like concealer, smokey eye, etc. And there are fun looks and tips for really dressing up and having fun. There are hair tips and how-tos which are very helpful (if you have the tools and products).

There is a universe of good advice and fun interesting stuff to look at. If you live in the US they have a sample program which I imagine must be super.

Take a look at the different links above and have fun!

By the way, all the pictures are of Victoria's Secret Angels backstage in the process of getting their makeup and hair done. I thought it would be fun to see it. Plus a couple of others where some of the Angels had such gorgeous bright makeup on I had to share.

These two pictures below are pretty much the same makeup look with slight variations. The look is soft, ethereal and angelic. There's a pop of color on the cheeks and highlighted eyes, either with or without color, and then the subtle, glossy lips. This is a perfect romantic look that is ideal for dates or any other occasion when you want to look innocent. This is a very "Lolita" look, isn't it. I just thought of that now. It practically screams innocence with a little naughty flirting thrown into the mix. I think the key here is the flawless face. So, make sure your complexion is clear and that you've been taking good care of your skin with moisturizer and sunscreen. Pair this look with sexy hair that has some bounce to it and there is no stopping you!

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