Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lagrima Flor: photo shoot

Some good friends of ours have a band they put together (Lagrima Flor) of folk-y rock, cool music and they needed to have some promo shots taken for an event going on in their university. Lua (member of the band and dear friend) is an actress for Globo and needed some shots to pass around at casting calls, etc. This is where I came into the picture. I dabble in the art of making people beautiful with magic pots of paint so I was asked if I could help beautify them for the photo shoot.

As it turned out, they needed some help with the pictures as well, making sure that the shots they were taking best represented what they were all about. I think we stayed there for 150 hours (at least).

In the end we did get some good shots in and I believe the band has a lot to work with, as well as Lua's personal photos and Thavyne (another little actress from Globo who also took photos). Out of like 500+ pictures, I think they have 30+ pictures to work with. I'm not sure if this is normal, I don't think it is. I imagine that as time goes on and they get more acquainted with the whole deal they'll take better pictures faster, and so will the photog.

I've chosen the photos you see here as the ones I feel best represent my work, plus a picture of the whole team: band members, their friend and wardrobe consultant, make-up (me) and photography (Jimmy).

The idea of the 2 actresses close ups for casting calls is that they need to look as natural as possible in order to give the casting people a good idea of what they have to work with. The band shots are a bit funner because more color is required. For the boys of course not much was done. I used concealer, foundation, powder, bronzer, lip balm and in some cases soft eyeliner. Naturally for the girls I used everything possible. Even the natural shots include quite a bit of product.

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M.D. said...

how come random person it the first picture is missing an arm??