Wednesday, March 25, 2009

American Idol: This Is What I Think...

I'm going to go ahead and post what I think about the current Idol contestants. At this stage in the game everyone has favorites and ones we can't stand. With last weeks disappointing send off (the pixie got kicked off) I thought I would start off by letting you all know that she was my favorite girl. The fact that she was kicked off so early on in the serious part of the competition is just so uncool and goes to show that America may not know what they're doing as far as choosing their Idol goes. We have to bear in mind that Jordan Sparks holds that title. Whatever.

The Jordan Sparks year was such a friggin' snoozefest it makes you wonder where all the guys that are in this year were. They all came out together this year, and in my humble opinion this is the best group of top 12 contestants we've had. Ever. I feel like this is a serious competition and the one that wins is the best of the best.

Here's what I think about each of the contestants:

Allison Iraheta. She sings really well, but I'm not sure she's ready to the American Idol. She's 16 yrs. old and that makes what she's able to do all the more amazing. Even though she sings really, really well, until now, she still hasn't won my heart, and I think that's part of being an Idol.

Scott MacIntire. He sings the inspirational, "chicken soup for the soul" type songs every week. He plays the piano well and sings well too. He just isn't as good as the others and I think one of the reasons he's still there is because he's getting the sympathy vote because he's blind. I think he's earned his place in the top 10, but I don't think he deserves to be there more than the pixie did (still can't believe she was kicked off), or anyone else for that matter. But he will be there for a long time to come, because like I said, he's got the sympathy vote.
Michael Sarver. He's not amazing. He's amazingly likeable and he comes from the serious working class, which makes him a perfect candidate for Idol. He's cute, and he's cuddly. I like him a lot even though he's considerably weaker than the others. He should've been the one to leave last week, not the pixie.
Megan Joy. I can't stand her. I think she's getting votes because she's beautiful. She really is a looker, but that's not enough for me. She sings silly songs and it almost feels like she's mocking the competition. She forces her voice (her style of singing), and does the most ridiculous little dance/twist thingy imaginable. As far as I'm concerned she can get the boot, already. I don't want her there anymore because she is significantly inferior to everyone else. Everyone, including Michael and Scott.
Matt Giraud. He blew me away in Hollywood week, then he took a break from being great, and now he's totally back again. He's awesome!!! He looks exactly like Michael Buble and has a Justin Timberlake thing going on, and that's just icing on the cake, baby! I predict he will be in the top 3. I'm famous for not predicting correctly (I predicted Daughtry was going to win or at least be runner up, and look what happened there). But I stand by my prediction for this year, and from what I hear, I'm not alone.
Lil Rounds. She bores me. She sings like a black, church choir angel, but she bores me. There's nothing new, different, distinctive, or particularly attractive about her. She's very good, adds a lot to the competition, and is a good person for the others to compete against because of her amazing talent, but she won't win. And she shouldn't.
Kris Allen. Why is his name spelled like a girl? Anyway, he's cute. He's amazingly pootoochi. But he's not the American Idol. He sings well, looks good and deserves to be top 10, but he won't win. He's got the girls voting for him though, so I expect he'll be there for a while until common sense finally kicks in.
Danny Gokey. Our resident Robert Downey Jr. - or at least he looks just like him. He's my other prediction for top 3. His voice is amazing!!! It's like the voice of many waters. I love him and am thrilled he decided to join Idol this year.
Anoop Desai. He's fun but unpredictable. Last week he was great, but the week before that he blew. I don't believe he'll win, don't see how given who he's up against, but he's good and he deserves to be where he is (especially after last week's performance). Anyway, I think he's got the Slumdog Millionaire vote - if you know what I mean.
Adam Lambert. The Queen. He works the guyliner, guy nail polish and emo hair. He's amazing!!! I love, love, love him. In my book, he can do no wrong. Unlike some people I know, I loved his performance last week. That whole Egyptian rendition of a very boring song by Johnny Cash (Ring of Fire) was genius! He's in my top 3 as well. Even if he doesn't make it to #1 he will be very, very big. Trust me. He's that good.

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