Monday, August 31, 2009

Nail Polish: Red

I am absolutely loving the sneak peak at this Chanel nail polish which is not yet available. The color is Dragon - isn't that just the ticket. At first glance it seems like covet, Holy Grail, swoon-worthy red and I hope, pray, plead to God that I can get my hands on it before it is out of stock - because we all know it will be. Today I'm wearing Keys to my Karma by OPI and every time I look down at my nails it makes me happy. It's almost a true red, but there's a hint of cherry in it. It's very bright, but nowhere near the vicinity of ornage. Until now I have to say my favorite red is Vodka and Caviar from OPI. It's the most beautiful red ever! I don't know if Chanel Drago will top it.

Keys to my Karma - OPI

I've been thinking about the matte nail polish trend and I don't think I can get behind it. It'll get no love from me. I mean, that ultra glossy, polished look is everything. It screams glamour, class, elegance, I-don't-wash-dishes, and my-nails-look-better-than-yours. What more can you ask for? I heard tell that the new IT color for fall/autumn Americana is going to be green. I can't get behind that either. For all my open mindedness about nails, green is the one color I cannot bring myself to love. I can't explain it, really, and it makes no sense since I love green eyeshadow. I love blue nail polish, but hate, hate, hate green.

Vodka and Caviar - OPI

A friend of mine is now coating her nails with a silicone base (the type they use on top of fake nails). It's a permanent coat and you have to sand off the top layer to remove it before applying a fresh layer - every 15 days, give or take. The thing about it is, it never scuffs or loses its shine. It never chips or breaks. You can paint over it if you like and safely remove it with nail polish remover and it still won't lose its shine. Your nails will always look perfect and never need to be touched up. That's pretty awesome if you have weak nails and/or you like to wear them color-free therefore showing off that beautiful shine. Would you ever doing something like that? Does it appeal to you? It's not overly expensive and seems to be ideal. The only thing is that it's permanent. The silicone coat has to grow out completely if you don't like it.

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someone said...

Well, I agree. Would Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell and Dita Von Teese wear matte red nails? So there.