Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fun Stuff

I just wanted to let you all in on a couple of super fun sites and blogs I read daily and I think you'll all enjoy a lot:

Celeb makeup artist Troy Jensen
- and genius! - posts images of his looks on different celebs, includes the makeup he put on them and even gives details on what to do. Very cool.

Bella Sugar is a site that has tons of goodies every day and is a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Blogdorf Goodman is a really fun. Annie loves all things beauty and fragrance so there's always a great review or new product announcement.

The Lancome Blog is a great daily read. There are always interesting posts on products, their spokeswomen, makeup artists, beauty editor business (super fun), goodies, giveaways and what have you. Don't miss it.

And on a totally not beauty related issue, the site Television Without Pity is fantastic! You can read recaps for episodes you missed of your fave shows, movie reviews, trailer reviews (love!), recasting wish lists (so me), anyway, if you love TV and movies you will love this site.

Tata for now...

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