Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sunday Beans

Sunday night we were invited to James and Greti's for Boston Baked Beans and a new bottle of Hendrick's Gin. I made the cornbread, James made the beans and we all ate. It was some seriously good eats and I have to say we will not soon forget. The beans were caramelized to perfection. There was that smokey bacon flavor that matched perfectly with the maple syrup/mollasses. There was happy and lively conversation, never ending options of alcoholic beverages and a nice dessert (peaches with amaretto, almond slices and vanilla ice-cream). The night was a success - but then it always is with our fantastic group of friends.

Here are some picks of the prep and the final product. Enjoy!

The heart and soul of the beans. This is where are the flavor is and James' sauce was intense and awesome!

White beans, bacon and loads of onions layered in a baking dish ready for sauce and oven time.

The final result after 6 hours in the oven. Caramelized bacony goodness.

White cheese cornbread. Because we can.

My bowl of beans, cornbread and a healthy amount of super awesome butter. So good!

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