Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Preciousessss

A while ago I bought a knife online for my birthday. I researched for a while until I found the one I thought would best suit my needs and my pocket. I chose the Wusthof Grand Prix Chef's Kife. It has brought much joy to my life. My kitchen is by no means a dream kitchen, and I don't have everything I need, or even the top of the line of anything, but I have a couple of items which bring a smile to my face. One item is my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer (totally top of the line and amazingly awesome!). It's a beauty. It's made my cake baking life a breeze. Next is my Wusthof. This baby has a lifetime guarantee and makes my knife skills 50 times better. I can chop better than a food processor. It's a dream.

For a long time I had trouble sharpening it because I didn't want to ruin it, and because I didn't really know what I was doing. I've sharpened normal funky knives all my life and have actually accomplished great things using a marble counter, stone (regular stone from the garden), and basically any rough surface. Sharpening my precious however is a whole 'nother story.

I recently stumbled across a site with the most amazing knives (and totally out of my price range), but they do have one thing that is totally awesome and can be used by anyone anywhere: a knife sharpening step-by-step. The first time I did it my knife was really dull and it totally worked. I've been doing this and ever since, my knives have been in pristine shape. Getting wetstones is not very difficult and they keep forever, so it's worth whatever you pay for them. I have all three types (the third finnest one you can easily find in dental supplies stores as they're used for sharpening surgical instruments).

I have a Santoku knife, which is the one I use the most because it's the best knife for chopping vegetables. It's a Henkles, not expensive, but really practical. I would like to complete my Wusthof set with the following knives: boning knife, fillet knife, Santoku, bread knife, and paring knife. I already have 2 of these, but I would like them all to be Wusthof. The weight and feel of it is ideal for me. Either Grand Prix II or Classic Ikon is cool with me. The feel of the Grand Prix handle is probably the best though, I don't know.

Good luck with your knife maintenance!

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someone said...

Yeah, that Wuthof knife scares me, eek!, but I love that Santoku knife... use it for everything!