Thursday, August 6, 2009

An Affair to Remember

Last night I happened to catch a movie I had seen before, a while back, that is totally worth blogging about, An Affair to Remember. I'm sure you know it stars Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. It's that famous movie they talk about in Sleepless in Seatle where they decide to meet at the top of the Empire State Building if they really care about each other and that if they both show up they'll get married. However, on the way to meet him she gets hit by a car and ends up in a wheelchair. The movie is very beautiful and it never gets boring. There are however, some unnecessary scenes where she teaches some children to sing that I thought were weird and didn't match the story at all. But, the kids are cute, so whatever.

As I was sitting there watching the movie I kept remembering that scene in Sleepless in Seatle where Tom Hank's wife and Meg Ryan (or is it Rosie O'Donnel) are retelling the end scene and crying their eyes out saying, "Her little feet...". That was funny. But the last scene of the movie is not. It's like whole world comes to a halt and is suspended in time for that moment when he finally pieces everything together and figures out that she was the one in the wheelchair who had taken the painting he had made of her. I'll tell you what, if you don't cry, at least shed one glistening tear, then you are a cold hearted bitch and you don't deserve the awesomeness of this movie. (You know who you are)

Deborah Kerr is stunning, so I gathered some images I feel do her justice and posted them here. As I was reading the list of movies she's made on IMDB, I couldn't help but feel that I'm a stupid head who hasn't seen anything. I mean, my list is meager. Here are the movies I've seen with her:

An Affair to Remember
Bonjour Tristesse
The King and I (Dancing after dinner!)
Quo Vadis (too narrow on the hips)
King Solomon's Mines
From Here to Eternity (the famous one with her and Burt Lancaster are kissing on the sand and the wave washes up on them. Montgomery Clift is in that movie as well)
Casino Royale (the old one with David Niven)

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