Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lancome Makeup Reviews - J'AIME! - Big Time!

Finishing off my makeup reviews today. I love, love, LOVE the new Juicy Tubes pure. You know that I already love Juicy Tubes truly, madly, deeply, but the new Pure line is perhaps even better. It's just as long lasting, smells and tastes (oh yeah!) amazing and is less sticky. It glides on like a dream. The color I have is Rose Nectar and it's lovely. Beautiful sheer rose/beige nude color with a hint of shimmer, very subtle, very pretty. It's perfect for layering on top of my fave your-lips-but-better lipstick MAC Brave. The shimmer is not enough to be noticed straight off, but enough to make the light hit it and emphasize the shine. Brilliant!

The lipstick I got is a bronzy, goldish color and I have to say it's gorgeous - it's just not me. I know that sounds insane because technically it's a universally flatering color and it seems every woman on earth has this color (or something similar) in her lipstick arsenal, but I can't bring myself to love it. I use nudes, pinks and reds. The only other color I use in summer is coral (so Breakfast at Tiffany's). So my problem is that I put it on and then look in the mirror and I just don't recognize what I see as being me - or my lips. You know what I mean? That being said, the texture of the lipstick is amazing. Moisturizing, creamy, luscious and awesome! I really, really love the feel of it on my lips. There is basically no scent at all, I guess just a really subtle Lancome rose they scent all their makeup with. I love it and I'm going to look for that same line in another color, perhaps a pink/brown beauty - what do you think? Just in case you want to look it up the name of the line is COLOR DESIGN - Sensational Effects Lipcolor - Smooth Hold, and smooth it is. The color I received in Glitz & Glam. (not the one shown above) I'm still going to try it with the whole golden goddess look (bronzer, gold eyeshadow, kilos of mascara and the lipstick) to see if it brings the whole thing together. Fingers crossed.

And last but not least, Lancome Piha Black. OMG! It's magic! I put on MAC Ruby Woo - which as all of you know is a very matte, very bright true red - and then I put Piha Black on top and in one instant I went from pin-up to vamp. AWESOME! I really wish this were not a limited edition because I would use this all the time. Can you believe the wonders it would work on Dubonet? I would look like a vampire - for realz, and in a totally good way. I love it! If I find it anywhere else I'm going to buy a back up, although I don't think I will.

Hope these reviews were helpful. I know you won't have as much fun reading about it all as I'll have wearing it, especially Piha Black, but it'll still be fun and you all should totally cave on the Juicy Tubes Pure - worth it.

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