Wednesday, August 5, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Smith's Rosebud Salve by Perfume and Co. I love the feel of this lip balm. It was made in the 1800's and is still around today. I love the old fashioned packaging, it inspires trust. I love the smell, very subtle old fashioned rose, like your grandmother's makeup. I love the lightweight feel, kind of vaseline-y, but not gloopy, feathery light. But what I love best is how it instantly moisturizes and leaves my lips luscious, glossy, and awesome.

L'Occitane Amande Shower Oil. This is amazing! It's a shower oil that makes you feel like you're in a spa. It's thick and creamy, but washes off completely and leaves just enough for your skin to feel hydrated and ultra fragrant. It smells like almonds and vanilla but is not overpowering or cloingly sweet. In my opinion it is hands down the best shower oil ever, and may be L'Occitane's best product ever.

Kenzo Amour le parfum. Dieu! Comment je l'aime! This is the most beautiful scent in creation! It smells creamy, a little vanilla-y, a bit like sweet rice pudding (in the best possible way), there's a little incense and some other goodies thrown into the mix as well. It's not overbearing or too sweet. There's a depth to this perfume that is not found in other Kenzo creations. Since it is a "parfum" per se, it lasts an eternity right close to your skin. There is no need to reapply all the time, but when someone comes up close to you they'll know you have something on. It's gorgeous, just gorgeous. I needed this perfume because I liked the original Kenzo Amour a lot, but found it a bit sweet. Then when this version came out, it's like it filled in all the gaps I felt were there with Kenzo Amour. It was love at first sniff. There is a terrible bit of news though, it's not available anymore. They discontinued it, or it was a limited edition, whatever the case, I hate Kenzo! - and hope that the things they love run out and get discontinued. I'm trying to get my hands on another bottle and I think I may have succeeded, so, all's well that ends well. However, I may have to fall in love with the original Kenzo Amour because once my stash runs out, that's it - no more. Ever.

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