Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Perfume: YSL Paris Eau de Printemps

A dear friend just returned from traveling abroad (she went to Greece, and Italy) and she loves to bring me back something - usually a perfume because she knows how obsessed I am with it. Once she bought me an extremely rare perfume that can only be purchased in one place in Paris and later her bag was stolen. Isn't that awful. It's maybe the most heartbreaking story. Anyway, back to good things. She walked into Duty Free and there was a huge display for this year's YSL Paris flanker - Eau de Printemps.

The fragrance notes include May rose, violet, honeysuckle, peony, jasmine, sandalwood and musk. As you can see from the lineup it is a beautiful, delicate, baby ballet of a scent. This is something that will offend no one and will most likely impress some. Lasting power is not wonderful, but pretty standard for an EDT. It comes in a huge 125ml bottle, which I imagine will last me all summer. If it lasts any longer I'll be surprised. This is one of those perfumes you wear when you don't know what to wear, because it will probably hit the spot.

This would be a perfect picnic perfume. In my mind I see a beautiful English garden filled with roses. A table in the middle of the garden where tea sandwiches, tea and cakes are searved. I see myself and my friends wearing hats and laughing (politely and delicately). It inspires images of a the garden behind a British country cottage.

I like this scent a lot. I don't think I like it more than the original YSL Paris, but it comes very close. To me, the original Paris smells like freshly bruised rose petals - and there is nothing, nothing more beautiful than that. This one has none of the bruised note, or the stem, or any of that, but it's still worthy.

Thanks Cristina! I love it!


Nightmares Rider said...

You have no idea how much I liked your review. I've been waiting this scent forever to come. Thank you so much & this is my first time here in your blog.

Flower Power said...

Thanks Nightmares Rider! So glad you stopped by.