Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend Update:

So, how was your holiday weekend? I had originally planned to drink too much and eat way too much red meat (I hadn't so much planned it as wished it), but in the end I did something very different and very pleasant.

It all started on Thursday night, I guess, when I went to see my sister's show at Melt. Their band is called Beeliv and it was so cute. Totally fun and kind of a layed back, no violin, Coors style thing. Fun songs, upbeat, pleasant and really entertaing.

Friday night I went over to James and Greti's and had pizza a tons of gin and tonic - good times.

Saturday HRH had meetings and training all day with his staff so I catered the event -for real. I made pasta caprese (my own recipe) and garlic bread for lunch, and almond brownies for dessert. I read with the kids and make them some special dinner. I got my new set of flatware I ordered and it's so good. Now we're eating in style! I had ordered The Scarlet Pimpernell from Amazon.com and since that arrived the day before we all watched it together. What fun! Later in the evening I watched Taken with Liam Neeson and it was surprisingly good. I mean, really good. He's a friggin' action hero. I'm not joking. Very high impact, action packed and solid storyline. I recommend it.

Sunday I spent the morning reading Maximum Ride 3 with the kids and watching Robin Hood (the one with Errol Flynn). Later all the grandparents came over and we had the pasta caprese from the day before (even better), the kids had croque-monsieur, and for dessert we had cognac poached pears and ice-cream. Yum! We also played Taboo together and that's always great for laughs.

Monday I went over to my friend Tati's and 4 of us girls had a very pleasant spa day. We moisturized, plucked, masked, exfoliated, cleansed, heated, cooled, painted, powdered, buffed, polished, sanded, pealed, soaked, massaged, aired and scrubbed ourselves until there was nothing left to do. We watched old movies, ate quinoa mushroom burgers and avocado salad, drank wine and laughed. Quel fantastique! HRH took the boys to the beach and they basically spent all day playing in the water, the sand and eating sandwiches. They had a blast. All the girls fell in love with this face powder Tati has from Kryolan (review coming soon) and now I can't live without it. Smooth, super fine powder. Long lasting and very awesome. Made me look like a diva. With that in my arsenal I could face anything and go up against anyone. There would be no stopping me.

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