Monday, September 28, 2009

Bobbi Brown's Genius Tips

Have you ever wanted to ask a serious beauty expert something? Well, on Beauty Snob you can. Bobbi Brown is their beauty expert and the one reading over beauty questions and answering them. Her advice is helpful and easy to follow.

Read what she says here about getting flawless dewy skin during vacation time. We don't really want to wear too much makeup during our holidays because we're generally in a more casual setting. But that doesn't mean we can't wear something and look good. That carefully applied makeup that looks effortless and youthful is very cool. She doesn't stop there, she also has tips on how to best transform your day makeup into a something more appropriate for night. You know, there is such a thing and day and nigh makeup, right? One interesting nugget she mentions that I found cool was that for night she likes to apply a blush that's a bit brighter than her day one, and not the other way around...

I have a feeling none of you know this, but on Bobbi Brown's website you can find tips and how-tos, videos as well as articles, that are very helpful, very easy to follow, and very now. Here's one on how to cover dark circles properly, but if you want to read others, just click on the menu on the left hand side.


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