Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oscar Beauty

All the pictures you see here are from Yahoo. They have the best coverage, so go there and check it out. Here are my hits and misses:

He was so amazing as the host! and let me just say - HOT!

Jessica Biel, John Belushi called, he said you're late for the toga party.

Wow! Freida Pinto is just gorgeous in this Galliano that looks couture and ethnic, but ever so delicate. Great choice of color too.

Marion Cotillard looks stunning in this "evil-but-beautiful-witch" ensemble.

Someone somewhere is missing a big chunk of fabric from their curtains. Beyonce, this is not one of my favorite things.

Did you think I wouldn't put a picture of him? Ever the vampire, Robert Pattinson does not disappoint with a traditional tux, spiky hair and "blue steel" look (or is it le tigre?).

Always gorgeous, winner of the Oscar for her leading role in "The Reader", Kate Winslet once again wows us with her intelligent choice of color and all around perfectly put together look. She manages to look very classy and elegant without giving off an air of superiority.

Penelope Cruz...I generally dislike her as an actor, but I like her dress. And while I wanted to snub her, I thought it would be unfair to the dress, so that's why she's here - or better yet, the dress is.

Amanda Seyfried (Mama Mia) looks very classy and youthful at the same time. Good choice of dress because the color and the big bow keep it real and don't age her. I love, love, lover her necklace.

Evan Rachel Wood is so amazingly stunning as a beauty, but she also gives off this air of being above everyone and untouchable. While it may not work for some, it works well for her. A stuck up princess - otherworldly. She can do no wrong.

I love this picture. Who wouldn't be looking longingly and drooling over Robert Downey Jr at such close range?

Anne Hathaway's peaches and cream complexion makes her a goddess among women. Her dress is very white against her snow white skin, but because of all the sparkles, it totally works. Bavo!


Cute picture.

Angelina's earrings are 115-carat emeralds and her ring is 65-carats. Have you ever seen such bright green emeralds before? It's hypnotizing. I'll bet you some Saudi prince has already purchased it for his wife.

Lovely. Miley Cyrus looks like a beautiful flower. Very Oscar appropriate dress.

Hubba. The jewel of the evening. Don't you just love Mickey Rourke's greasy hair and pirate gold tooth? The open shirt showing chest we don't want to see with a locket (image of his dog, by the way) makes him the anti-sexy.

Alicia Keys looks beautiful in lilac with that lovely flowing fabric and classic hair.

I'm so glad Sophia Loren is finally looking old. There's something very disconcerting about someone that old looking so young. While her body looks spectacular, her face looks totally spent, as it should be given that she's 75 yrs old. She still looks very good and younger than some people I know who are in their 50's. That being said, the dress is hideous and not at all age appropriate.

I love the color of Amy Adams dress. She looks great and the necklace is gorgeous! Possibly my fave accesory of the evening (after Angelina's super kryptonite emeralds, that is).

I didn't love Natalie Portman's dress, but I loved her makeup. It's my fave makeup of the evening so that's why she's here. See how the purple makes her hazel eyes pop? Crazy beatutiful!

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