Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blast From the Past: Le Jardin by Max Factor

I was sitting at my computer trying to cool off - by pointing two fans directly at me after having bathed in ice water, drinking iced tea that was more ice than tea, thinking thoughts of scaling Mt. Everest in nothing but a bikini, and chanting the rain mantra - when I came across a Youtube video that was a total blast from the past.

I'll start at the very beginning so you understand what and why.

When I was 13 I had a boyfriend I was convinced was "the one". As it turns out, he wasn't. But, I still have very fond memories of the whole experience - up until a certain point which I won't get into, ever.

He was a very romantic guy and would bring me flowers every week, take me on walks, buy me presents. In general he made me feel like a princess. I felt like I was the center of his universe, and I believe I was. He always wanted me near him, and for two whole years I don't think we were ever apart. He was my universe and I thought we would be together forever.

One of the gifts he bought me was a perfume by Max Factor called Le Jardin. It's discontinued now, and that's a real shame because it was really beautiful. He bought me a gift set with the perfume and powder (the old fashioned, beautiful kind with a powder puff). I wore it every day of my life, and when it was done, he bought me another one. Even after he left I still wore it and it always reminded me of him.

That chapter of my life came and went, but it's funny how certain things remind you of a time, a place, a person, a feeling. Watching the ad below made me feel happy. I remembered how happy and young I was. Every day I had the time of my life. Every day I wore Le Jardin, and that perfume will always remind me of my first love.

Here's the ad with one of the most beautiful women in the whole entire universe, Jane Seymour:


someone said...

So what did Le Jardin smell like?

Flower Power said...

I know this will come as a major surprise to you, but....it smelled like flowers. A flower garden to be precise. Very feminine, very soft, a whisper of a perfume, delicate and lovely.