Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jennifer Hudson

You know how some people have "it", and others don't? Well, Jennifer Hudson has "it". I don't know how the American Idol judges didn't see it. They consider themselves the utmost authority in what's in and out in the music world, but they didn't see it. They trampled all over her like a herd of wild buffalo, completely blind to the fact that she was what they were looking for all along.

If all American Idol did for society was to find her, that would have been enough. The thing is they did and they didn't. They didn't because they criticized her and made fun of her clothes and basically kicked her off the show early on. They did, because she would never have gotten anywhere, or had any recognition of any kind had it not been for Idol. Idol gave her the opportunity to go to that audition for "Dream Girls", but she got the part all on her own.

I'll leave you with Jennifer's first public appearance after her family tragedy. Here she sings the National Anthem at the Superbowl. It'll take your breath away, so prepare yourself.


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someone said...

Yes, we like Jennifer Hudson and want good things for her... lets hope she manages to pull through everything :)