Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas in Connecticut

This is a deliciously fun story starring Barbara Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan. It's about a woman who pretends to be a “domestic goddess”, a la Martha Steward, and it gets her into a lot of trouble when a war hero’s nurse/fiancé writes the magazine asking for him to have Christmas with the writer in her farm house (which she doesn’t have), with her husband and baby (which she also doesn’t have), and eat her delicious food (which she can’t cook). She’s the author of his favorite column because he’s in the hospital after having been stranded out at sea for 18 days and nearly starving to death with his buddy. He’s sick of hospital food and drools over her descriptions every week. She’s a hugely successful columnist so the owner of the magazine decides it’ll be excellent publicity for the magazine to have a war hero spend Christmas with her, her family and him.

This is a very pleasant movie that will surely have you laughing at the nonsense she comes up with. What a wonderful way to herald in the Christmas season. I wish I owned this movie as I’m sure I could watch it a couple more times. For those of you thinking that I’m a cold hearted bitch because gushing about a movie you’ll never be able to find here in our lovely - albeit culturally stale - country, no worries. If you have the patience, you can watch the whole thing on


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