Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Macho Men Want a Bromance Too!

We interrupt this program to bring you an important message: we are now calling a relationship between two guys that are really good friends, a “bromance”. Please make sure you make the necessary adjustments in your vocabulary so you can insert that pearl throughout your speech. This makes you more hip, cool, and down with what’s new with the kids right now.

Ways to use this new word are: “Isn’t that bromantic?” and “Look at that bromantic couple”, “Don’t be gay, be bromantic”, “Let's be exclusive".

That’s the basic gist of the message that was passed on to me by the newspaper today. The flood yesterday, some important arrests, indictments, gunfire, corruption and evil went almost completely unnoticed due to the fact that we now have a new colloquial expression to use and it’s so very important that it took up the front page of the magazine that comes with today’s paper (which usually has information on technology, scientific breakthroughs, university test preparation and a basic guide to life), plus 4 pages inside.

I know you’re probably thinking that this is not the most ridiculous bit of non-news to grace the pages of our newspaper, and you would be correct. No, I believe there have been others, in fact, there have probably been so many we could host an award show and give out Waste of Printed Word prizes.

I hope you’ll all take this in the spirit it was meant and stop calling really good, almost married couple-like friends gay. Let’s get with the program, people, and call them “bromantic”. Let us not sin in not being well versed and aware of the hip hop lingo of today’s bubblegum crowd, ok? And don’t be afraid to declare your “bromance” to the world. You may be ridiculed today, tomorrow and quite possibly for years to come, but it’ll be worth it. Globo says it will, and in Globo we trust – right? Have they ever steered us wrong?


Leticia Moraes said...


Flower Power said...

not yucky - funny!

M.D. said...

my favorite bromancers:

Turk and JD
Will Ferrel and Cris Kattan
Spongebob and Patrick
Wayne and Garth
Frodo and Sam (so noooot!)
Brad Pitt and George Clooney
D'Artagnan and his Peeps

Who else chicas?