Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Recipes - Muffins!

Apple Banana Muffins

5 med size bananas

1 apple

1/3 cup oil

1 cup sugar

2 cups flour

1 ¼ tsp royal

1 ¼ tsp bicarb

1 tsp nutmeg

2 tsp cinnamon

2 eggs

1tsp salt


zest of one orange

- Mash the frick out of the bananas and grate the apple

- Add in the oil, sugar, eggs, vanilla and zest

- Sift in the flour, bicarb, royal and salt

- Fold in and DO NOT over mix or you will have muffins that look like the coneheads and are hard as rocks instead of glorious little cakes. This happens whenever you over mix a batter that contains bicarb. It doesn’t like to be mixed too much, mkay? Good.

- Spoon the batter into little tins lined with those cute paper cups, or use a silicone muffin tray (you can totally get it at Extra here and it’s not very expensive, like R$15). If you’re using the paper cups you don’t have to use any grease to line them. Just spoon the mix right on in. If you’re using silicone, I would suggest either a cooking spray or a paper towel with some oil on it, just lightly grease it, no need to get carried away. I like to spoon quite a bit of batter almost to the top. It make the muffins extra glorious.

- Cook on medium heat for about 30min depending on your oven. To check them insert a toothpick and it should come out clean. You know, basic test.

- Let them cook and then remove them from the muffin cups, trays, whatever.

- This whole recipe can be made using a fork, at most you’ll need a spatula to fold and scrape, but maybe not even that.

This is a perfect after school snack or for any time of the day, just don't overdo it 'cause they're really good and it's easy to eat too many. Now, when I'm feeling generous I add raisins and nuts. This recipe is really good with Brazil nuts, but use your imagination. I've also grated some carrots in as well and it was delish. Don't be shy, experiment and it'll be great. For a very easy variation, you can make this exact recipe but add 1/2 cup of cocoa powder and make chocolate banana muffins. Go crazy and add chocolate chips to that as well and you'll have a seriously decadent snack.

This one's for you, V. Love ya!


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