Friday, January 29, 2010

Fantastic Finds

Two wonderful things happened today: I found an amazing primer with SPF, and my Louise Young Foundation Taklon (that's what they call it, but it's really just a brush) arrived.

14 days ago I ordered the foundation brush because I was wholly unimpressed with my previous one (synthetic and the bristles poked my face). My order arrived in a hurry and in perfect condition. The brush is amazing, soft, beautiful and makes my face feel pampered instead of punished. I highly recommend it. I bought mine directly from the Louise Young website and since everything went so well, I'm going to buy the rest of the ones I'm missing from there. The reason I bought Louise Young to begin with is because the Pixiwoo sisters are always raving about it. So if any of you out there are wondering, yes, Youtube makeup video advertising totally works. I got to see the product in action and even though I couldn't test it before buying, their word was enough for me to make a blind buy - and I'm sooooo happy I did!

Now on to the primer. I had heard about Avon's MagiX skin perfector, but hadn't tried it, or even given it much thought. That was stupid and snoby. But mostly stupid. I tried it today and fell in love with it. Naturally, I bought it and am happy to say that it feels like heaven on my face. It's a perfect silicone feel primer that makes my makeup look better and glide on like nobody's business. An added benefit is that it's SPF 20, how cool is that? In the winter I'll probably have to use a moisturizer first, then MagiX, then makeup. But in the summer, I can use MagiX on its own and treat my face to all the cool benefits this product has to offer. Hurray for Avon! This is now a permanent addition to my makeup/face product essentials.


Analytic Approach to Style said...

oh I know magiX is a wonderful primer! sometimes I spread it over bare skin aswell. my skin tends to get greasy around nose and sometimes forehead, and magix prevents the shine like nothing does, while minimizing the pores. it feels good on, too.

Flower Power said...

I know! I was really impressed with its performance!