Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mad Bearded Men

Last night I was watching the SAG Awards Red Carpet on E! - I had missed it, and there's nothing I love better than two hours of frivolity, shallow oohing and aahing over one dress or another, mercilessly passing judgement on the ones I think missed it completely, drooling over the jewelry the women get to wear, wishing I owned most of the shoes, and generally wasting precious time being ridiculous. Good times.

Did anyone happen to catch the shows? Well, among other things, one of the things that impressed me was the fact that everyone loves Kevin Bacon so much. What is up with that? He can't casually step into a lame plotted TV only movie without stumbling out magically dragging 15 different awards. I don't know if I'm the only one that's bothered with the fact that he generally plays twisted pervy roles - and plays them way too well for his own good. I look at him and I see the sum of all his parts - and it isn't good. Perhaps he should try playing some good guys, some comedy guys, some light-hearted, feel-good, sugar-water roles to kind of cleanse our palates of his intense, deeply disturbed, ultra skinny, druggy, mostly perverted and definetly yuck bum pirate characters he seems to gravitate towards.

On a completely unrelated note, have you noticed the cast of Mad Men lately? It seems that every time there's a picture of the men when they're not filming, they look like lumber jacks and vagrants. Firstly, I suspect they made a beard pact after filming this last season because they all have beards (as evidenced in the images displayed all over this post). Secondly, what is up with Pete's (Vincent something-or-other) hair? Could it look any worse? I think not. John Hamm, just because you can grow a Messiah beard and look like all the apostles combined, doesn't mean you should. What about a trim? This is basic grooming 101. I'm thinking these guys are so tired of being perfect every moment of the day while on set (and having to shave twice a day for some), that as soon as they're free of it, they literally let it all hang out; send their barbers to the Devil, pull out their sweats, beer guts, stained T-shirts, holey socks and just relax gillette free for as long as they possibly can.

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Tatiana said...

Hahahahahaha... They made a beard pact after filming this last season?!?!?! That's great!!