Monday, January 11, 2010

Ô My Rose - Lancome's new Spring '10 collection

While I melt in the unbearable heat and try to spirit myself to a cooler climate there are few things that lift my spirit. Ice water with a little lime, iced tea, cold showers, the list goes on, but as you can see, it all has to do with ice or cold in some way. I dream of the day when I can chase spring around the world - or autumn, for that matter. I wouldn't have a summer house like the world's nobility seem to think is the way to go. No, I would have spring and autumn homes around the world and it would be awesome. In the meantime I search for joy in other ways and while doing so I stumbled upon the most joyous news of the year so far: Lancome's new spring collection, Ô My Rose. This collection was created by genius makeup artist and artistic director for Lancome, Aaron De Mey.

My heart soared as I clicked through the images of the new collection. It seems that Europe is getting more goodies than the US market, but the most important items are going to be available to everyone. By most important items I mean the Pop 'N Cheeks mosaic in Coral Flirt and the new Ink Artliner and brush - this time in teal! The color fever glosses are all to die for! Aaron really is a genius! The colors are all so delicate, feminine and modern, somehow. Spectacular!

Take some time to look through the collection carefully here, and here for details on each one of the items from someone who had a sneak peak and got to try them out (lucky, lucky girl). There is a really interesting little product called Baby Kiss that will not be available outside Europe (man, those are going to sell for loads on ebay), but it's still interesting to look it up and see what it does. Another European blogger who went to the sneak-peak event took lots of photos and stuff so check it out here. I especially like when she says: "...our bag of yummy Lancôme treats, which we proudly paraded on our trip home, much to the annoyance of our fellow train travellers: cue “Oh, sorry, did we just knock you with our huge Lancôme bag?” and “Excuse us while we just explore our goodies in front of your envious eyes” and such. We apologise." - I thought that was funny 'cause I would've done the same thing.

Tata for now!

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