Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Golden Globes Beauty Summarized

I was going to do a Golden Globes post, but I've been swamped and a bit poopy lately (that's the excuse I'm going with for not posting lately). Instead of posting myself, I'll instead refer you to a blog that has all the deets on what was used on whom and who used it.

Go to Spoiled Pretty and see for yourself. Daneen did a great job of collecting notes from different makeup artists and posting great pics. My fave beauty looks are: Kate Winslet (love the navy blue eyeliner tip), Christina Aguilera, Julianna Margulies, and Julia Roberts.

As far as dresses go, Marion Cotillard had my favorite. It was a stunning Dior that did her justice (the slit with the lace kills me). I also loved Julia Roberts' look, vintage YSL with that stunning necklace. She looked chic and comfortable - a winning combo. I hated Tina Fey's dress and thought her makeup was meh - love her, though. Loathed January Jones' dress, indifferent about the makeup. Kate Winslet was very lovely and so was Kristen Bell (although there is no 411 on her makeup). Her dress was really cute. Jennifer Garner looked great and so did Jennifer Aniston (even though I think she's a bore), Nicole Kidman's makeup and hair - whatevs. Loved Courtney Cox and wanted her earrings. Rose Byrne's dress was my runner up favorite of the night. Super, super gorgeous, although I thought Rose's makeup looked muddy - maybe it's just me. Cameron Diaz looked stupid, she usually does. BTW, what is it with Penelope Cruz and her two-toned hair? So weird. And she looks jaundice.

Well, there you have it, my super quick notes. Do go to the blog and scroll down. When you get to a look you like, you can see all the products that were used to create it. Very nicely done!

Tata for now!

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