Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Freckles: Can't live with them, can't scrub them off with acid and brillo

I've been pondering the whole freckle bit a lot lately. It has a lot to do with the fact that I've been walking every day on the beach and I feel like my freckles are multiplying - and not in a good loafs and fishes, or wine kind of way. I feel like a freckle freak. There are many people that say freckles are cute and not at all a desease or skin condition. Well, I would lay odds that the people who say that do not have freckles. Maybe freckles aren't that bad. Maybe I'm exaggerating. (I've just been told that I am exaggerating and that I'm a weirdo for hating my freckles - this memo came to me from HRH. What does he know?) What I need to do is find a way to make my freckles look summer fresh and happy-go-lucky, and not try to cover them up. Covering them up in this heat is skin suicide. A heavy foundation look in this weather is yucky, not to mention silly.

This is the point where I google the first celebs I can think of whose freckles are not gross, and dare I say it, cute even. I noticed a few things during my research:
  1. You have to be insanely gorgeous in order to pull off cute freckles - or maybe that's just because all the celebs I pulled up are insanely gorgeous...
  2. It helps if you have light eyes - green and hazle are especially popular with freckles.
  3. Eyebrows should be perfect or they'll make your face look sloppy - there's already tons of stuff going on (freckles, and only Heaven knows what else).
  4. Skin should be perfect. No flaws, icky breakouts, stains, dry patches and dullness, etc. Take care of your skin! It needs to glow! GLOW!
  5. It makes you look more laid back and relaxed, like you're on vacation, and that's cool, so go with it. Go with the flow. Chillax.
  6. Bronzers are a good idea - they enhance the relaxed vacation look and feel.
  7. Freckles make you look cute, so adjust your makeup to match. Fresh, clean, pretty. No sultry, heavy looks here.
  8. This is an understated sexy look, not an in-your-face sexy, so yeah, do what you want with that bit of info...I have no idea what I'll do with it. Probably nothing.
Here are my fave freckled freaks and comments:

Probably the best example of cute freckles working in her favor. They give her that easygoing vibe and that makes her look sexy, the vacation vibe I talked about earlier. Her makeup here is ultra natural, but there's still stuff there. Sheer lips, subtle cheeks, glowy healthy looking skin, and groomed brows. Her beachy hair helps too.

A polished evening look that doesn't try to cover up the freckles. This was prolly a summer look. Dewy skin, perfect brows and sheer makeup. The skin is supposed to shine through, so sheer foundation, transluscent powder, sheer lipstick and most likey cream blush, or very subtle powder blush with bronzer for that fresh face look. It's all about the perfect skin here. Again.

Here is a very polished, yet light look. Megan had a little fun here by adding some color to the eyes. The skin is perfect and there is sheer foundation and powder, a good amount so that it doesn't shine where it's not supposed to. Lips are glossy and beautiful, brows are defined and perfect, cheeks are accentuated with a subtle sweep of color.

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