Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grammy Beauty

What a great look. No one can pull it off like she does, but man, can she pull it off. Hair is fantastic, dress, and makeup too. She has a great beauty team!

I was traveling over the weekend (post to come) so I missed the Grammys. I love the Grammys and I love to see what everyone's wearing. It's always out there and it's always surprising, and wonderful. I was dying to see what Lady Gaga would come up with and I was not disappointed. She wore many different looks throughout the evening and they were all out there - way out there - and glorious. After skimming through pictures online, I chose a couple that stood out to me. By the way, all the pics I got are from JustJared. Go there and look through all the Grammy shots. Awesome!

Lea Michelle. I love her and I love, love, love her dress, jewelry, hair and OMG the makeup! She looks amazing!! I would kill for cheekbones like hers.

JLo looks so, so gorgeous here! The 70's inspired hair is beautiful in its simplicity and paired with the most amazing eye makeup it is perfection. Her dress was also fantastic! While I think she may be a bit tacky herself, and for the most part quite "Jenny from the block", I give her, her stylist and hair and makeup team serious props for this ensemble. Bravo!

I hate, hate, hate Beyonce's look. Her new super blond hair and black brows look trashy and quite honestly, stupid. Her earrings are ridiculous, and I have no love for her dress. This was a hit and miss for me.


Okay.Rowan said...

You know the hair on Lady Gaga was fake, right?

Analytic Approach to Style said...

I totally agree with this post -except gaga's hair. I love the ice princess dress, but the yellow hair is just gross to me, even on lady gaga.