Monday, February 8, 2010

Lancome Mineral Makeup Brush

Lancome Minerale Foundation Brush

These days I've been going for my easy-breezy look to compliment the universe of freckles all over my face. My normal routine includes, Avon Magix primer, SPF powder or light Shiseido foundation, Lancome Tropiques Minerale Bronzer, Benefit BadGal mascara, and gloss (shades of fun pink or nude). I make sure my eyebrows are defined and perfect with my Dior eyebrow powder pencil and spooli. There were a couple of days when I wore eye pencil, but it was a burgundy pencil and I smoked it out really well with my smudge brush.

One thing that has made my entire experience a real joy has been my amazing Lancome mineral bronzer brush. It is heaven on my face. I feel special when I use it and I take my time putting on my bronzer because I like the feel of the brush on my skin so much. Now, I think this particular short handle one was a limited edition, however, if I'm not mistaken, the mineral foundation brush is the same as the mineral bronzer brush, just has a longer handle and is silver, not brown.

Lancome Mineral Bronzer Brush

Maybe I'm crazy, but the price seems reasonable to me, especially considering how awesome it is. I think it's $36, a total steal when you take into consideration how many cheap brushes you bought that were total rubbish and you had to toss them and buy a different one. This is the brush. Basically, after you buy this one you can stop looking. It wouldn't be a very good blush brush, because you want to keep blush in a smaller area, but for bronzer or loose powder, you won't find a brush that beats it.

Another thing that's super cool is that I heard about a super brush manufacturer in Japan, Hakuhodo, so I contacted them and they will ship anywhere in the world. How awesome is that? I'm going to start a super elite brush collection as according to Samantha, they are the best brushes she's ever used. That's serious. I've already made a list of the brushes I want and I'm going to start buying them little by little, a couple of brushes at a time. They also have Geisha brushes, and they look incredible! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what my new brush obsession/real-need-no-one-understands-but-me is.

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