Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Colors of the Rainbow

The summer collection that changed my life. I bought 3 of them, but I'm going back for the rest. The colors I bought are Coral Chic, Noite Quente and Garota VerĂ£o.

Recently I've been more obsessed than normal about nail polish. When I sat down and pondered it, I realized that it's because there are so many beautiful colors around right now. I normally stick to red, red, and more red - with the occasional slip into burgundy or black. There are few occasions when I break from that and because I use 3Free nail polishes, I try to stick to OPI.

Rio right now is wicked hot and disgusting, but I finally found something I love about summer here: the amazing summer polish collections. Most of the brands here are 2Free, and then there's Colorama that's 3Free, so all in all, we're good. I wandered into my fave beauty supply store the other day and right before my eyes stretched an endless array of all the colors you could possibly imagine. I was a kid in a candy store. Have you ever taken different skittles like: regular, smoothy, berry, etc, and mixed them all together? Well, that's what it looked like. Bright, pastel, creamy, sparkly, shiny, transparent, full coverage, not full coverage, everything!

This is a lovely pastel, creamy lilac from Impala called Zaz I bought. I am in deep, deep love.

Seems silly but, then as I walked around running errands I noticed that all the women, girls, tweens, you name it, were wearing super colorful, fun, bright, fantastic nail polish colors. One of the employees at the supermarket was wearing pastel green, another one orange. The lady at the bank was wearing a fun summer pink, another woman standing in line next to me was wearing a very pretty coral (which I bought).

This week I'm wearing a bright orange red, I mixed 2 colors to get the shade I wanted, and I'm loving it! I guess all of you out there in the winter reading this can bookmark some of these colors for your coming summer - we're doing the same with winter colors. I saw some pretty spectacular winter collections online that I can't wait to get my paws on.

Tata for now!

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