Monday, February 22, 2010

Partying it up like a 20yr old: surprisingly, not that bad

This last weekend we partied like 20yr olds. I'm not sure it's advisable for someone of my age and "delicate" disposition to do that anymore. Thankfully I was able to emerge from the weekend's alcohol induced haze victorious, with all my faculties intact and my frontal lobe still active - barely.

It all started with a rather innocent invitation from our friends, James and Greti, to join them at their place for drinks and laughs. We arrived early and since it's rude to have people over and not offer them anything to drink, they promptly made sure our cups never ever reached the halfway mark. We had tons of fun but it was tough to open my eyes the following morning - not to mention get out of bed. I felt like I had eaten all the cotton in the world sprinkled with a little salt. Not cool. Thankfully my head didn't hurt. I guess that's just one of the many benefits of drinking expensive liquor - the main one of course being that it tastes like a Heavenly elixir and makes the week's slavery somehow seem like it's far, far away.

Saturday night we went to a night club (that sounds so bizarre coming from me). It is so far removed from my normal social agenda that it felt a bit like stepping into a time warp to a different time, a different me, a different crowd - and very different music. I have to confess I was kind of dreading it. The "hip" night club scene in all its glory is not my scene. Fish out of frikkin' water. But, I'll have you know that thanks to Lady Gaga and other super wonders of the partying crowd, I had a very good time. I even stepped out of my rut and tried a new and different drink, Red Bull and vodka. It's what the kids are drinking, and definitely what all the kids were drinking there, in industrial quantities I might add, so I went along with it. When in Rome. It was actually good. Not better than my faithful and reliable gin & tonic or Johnny Walker, but good nontheless.

After a while I got bored and left. By then I felt like I had properly represented at my dear brother-in-law's birthday bash, so I left while I still had my dignity and feet (heels are poo). The youngsters were going strong and I imagine kept going for many hours after. Me, I was just thankful to be in my wonderful bed and comfy pillows. The nice thing about Red Bull and Vodka is that it gives you just enough energy to take off all your makeup and apply moisturizer before crashing. Nice.

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