Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Arizona Sul Rocks Out at Hard Rock Cafe

A couple of weeks ago we went with a bunch of our friends to a show at our local Hard Rock Cafe. Our friends were playing and they have a really cool band called Arizona Sul. They literally brought the house down. I knew people liked them, I like them, I knew all my friends liked them, but I had no idea the Brazilian masses were so into them. People were dancing and singing and shouting and getting their freak on. Some of my mother's friends went and they were letting their crazy hang out for all the world to see. I admire them for that. They had fun, got super sweaty and worked out all the issues they would probably have had to pay considerable coin for at the shrink's. All power to them. Plus it was pretty fun for the rest of us, who kept our dignity may I add, to point and laugh.

That's their ex-drummer, now percussionist, Marcelo. He rocked out and had a great time. Every couple of songs he would pull out another toy and bang on it, change hats and either stand up or sit down.

This is Jules, my friend, doing her whole hot milkmaid look. It was a very popular look with the guys but I'm not sure the girlfriends were too happy about it.

This is Eman and Jules' son, Arthur, but I like to call him Jailbait for short because he is a walking felony. All the 30 somthings attack him after shows and it's all Jules can do to beat them off with a stick, or tamborine. Of course being the 16 yr old (and Hanson doppleganger) that he is, he just eats it up. He's a great drummer, though and an asset to the band.

Eman is a rock star. He's really amazing and put on a serious show. This other dude with them is a friend who gets up and plays the sax sometimes, for a couple of songs. He plays well, but if he didn't make it one of their shows I don't think he would be as missed as the others. The one thing he did do that I thought was pretty cool was play the song from Pink Panther when they did their "credits" number and introduced themselves to the crowd (they always do it at the end of the show).

Kevin is their new bass player. He's a friend of Jailbait's. He changes hats every song and wanders around the stage doing his thing.

This trio here is killer: Jules, Jailbait and Eman. They're all crazy talented and have tons of fun doing what they do - putting on awesome shows! I really hope I get to see them again sooner rather than later, but who knows. We work during the week and rest on the weekends. They work on weekends and rest during the week. Our schedules really clash and they live far away, like an hour and a half drive at least from where we live.

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