Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Fun: Thinking of You

I'm sick. At death's door, in fact. I've been living on sheer willpower and determination. Drinking the tea of positivity and purpose. Napping on a bed of strength of character and laying my head on a pillow of resoluteness. Thankfully I don't have the black lung, I really do hate coughs, but I've got everything else. I don't get sick often, perhaps twice a year, so I'm hoping that this is one of the times because as Jon Bon Jovi so eloquently put it, I'm living on a prayer. (There is a teeny tiny possibility that I am just slightly exaggerating my illness.) Anyway, most of the time I just pretend I'm not sick, seems to work.

I decided yesterday that the best time for me to be sick for real was after I was done with my morning chores, but HRH (Fukui-san) would hear nothing of it. He was all up in my grill asking me where his cake was, when it would be ready and why was I not making it yet. I guess I forgot to check with him before I got sick. Tsk, tsk. So I was all like, "First of all, I may be crossing the pearly gates a lot sooner than planned if I don't take a nap; secondly, you think you're so cool because you don't watch GG, but you should in fact feel guilty, because it's awesome; and thirdly, it'll be ready at 5". So, Angie made the cake and I handled the icing, filling and assembly. It came out great. I tried out a new recipe for Swiss buttercream frosting and it was out of sight. Oh Angie, where would I be without my home doppelganger?

I've been remiss in posting lately, but I'm making it up to you now by being super awesome and showing you a music video I fell in love with. I mean, mad, mad love. Everything from the wardrobe, to the makeup, to the story, and the song itself is amazing. I love! - and I'm pretty sure you will to after this.

You're welcome:

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someone said...

Whahahahahahaha!! "HRH" and "napping on a bed of strength of character" whahahahahahaha :)))